Tap Aling Nene’s Sweets for all your puto and egg pie needs

Aling Nene’s Sweets has been providing sweetness to people’s lives since 1987 in Binan, Laguna. They have decided for Puto to be their main product first as many people believe that the best puto comes from there. From Puto, Aling Nene’s Sweets has grown into a brand that they are now, offering diverse food products which of course, includes a variance of puto choices and other classic Filipino delicacies.

More onto Aling Nene’s Sweets, they are not only known for their delicious products, but also they are known for providing the highest quality they could offer as their products are approved by BFAD. Many people – may they be Filipino or not – personally visit their stores so as to grab their favorites from them. Indeed, Aling Nene’s Sweets believes their products will be well-loved even by future generations to come.

With that in mind, other than their puto variants, Aling Nene’s Sweets are actually famous for their Egg Pies. Their Egg Pies are known to be smooth, creamy, and have just the right amount of sweetness to it. Much like their Puto, their Egg Pie also comes in different variants such as their Classic Egg Pie, their Ube Egg Pie, their Ube Macapuno Egg Pie, and of course, their adorable Mini Egg Pie.

And so, whatever mood you are in and no matter what your appetite size is, Aling Nene’s Sweets surely has an Egg Pie you will be drooling for!

Aling Nene’s Sweets might be known for the sweets they are offering, but do know that they also have some savory snacks that you could definitely munch on and would definitely get hooked with! One of which is their Okoy. These round crispy treats are an absolute delight, especially when you pair it with their very own Vinegar too!

Truly, Aling Nene’s Sweets is now more than a Puto House. You can know more about them and the many products they are offering by checking out their Instagram and Facebook Pages. Also, their physical stores can be visited at Total Gasoline Station SLEX (Northbound), Caltex Gasoline Station SLEX (Northbound), South Supermarket Alabang, and Filinvest South Binan.

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