Tapa King has dropped another delectable bomb and it is no other than their Bigger, Crispier, Juicier Fried Chicken!

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper”, that is how that famous line has always been, and for some it may seem a little constricting especially if you have always wished you were treated like a royalty, right?

Well, no need for a crown to tell the world you are one because at Tapa King, a restaurant highlighting a dish hailed as one of the Top 50 dishes that define the Pearl of the Orient Sea, you are always a royalty and will always eat like a royalty, as it surely reigns as the King and Queen of your favorite Tapa breakfast meals, Royal meals and so much more – especially now that they are expanding their Royal formation for you to dig into and devour!

Tapa King has come a long way as they are from a humble aim of being able to provide home-style food options in the undeniable clutter of fast food restaurants that are no doubt of convenience as well, but then again, with quality products and surely appealing quick service, Tapa King continues to grow more in terms of reach as it opens branch after branch, not just in local destinations, but all over the world as well.

That being said; hold your horses and up your reins as Tapa King introduces their newest in command that is Bigger! Crispier! And not only juicier, but Juiciest! – their all new Fried Chicken will definitely make you say “I can’t even!”.

Its scent will seduce you. A sight of it will make your mouth water. A bite into it will make the crunch and tender lover in you delight in each. And of course, its taste will make you reach for more and more until you have lost count of how many you actually had!

With each fried chicken meticulously prepared upon order, you really have to ready your taste buds and have a little bit more patience as you will be anticipating for your much awaited, much craved Tapa King’s Fried Chicken you never knew you needed in your life until you get to experience it.

Get a fill of this Bigger! Crispier! Juicier! Fried Chicken at selected Tapa King stores for only Php 79.00 a piece and Php 149 for two pieces! And if having one or two will make you drool for more, then do not fret, because Tapa King is giving you a bucket load of this biggy, crispy, juicy goodness for Php 440.00 from which you will have six yummy ones for you to share or for you to eat all up!

After getting this deliciousness, top your Tapa King experience with a sweet kiss that is an all-time favorite Filipino sweet treat, the Taho. You can choose to have either the Classic Taho or the Tsokolate Taho. However, if you feel like having a roll with some syrup-y, jiggly fun mouth feel, then indulge in both variants that would absolutely make your day brighter like no other, just be sure to grab their Fried Chicken sooner rather than later!

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