Tapawarma: Bringing you Tapa Goodness in All Forms

Tapa and Shawarma are two of our go-to yummies from time to time and we never thought we would encounter something that has both of these all mashed up. Thanks to Tapawarma, we got to experience the best of both worlds.

If you still have not gotten the gist of it, then let us explain it to you. Tapawarma is Shawarma with a Filipino twist as it uses Tapa as its main ingredient. “Tapa” is dried, marinated meat, and “Shawarma” is meat that is marinated, sliced, often wrapped in pita bread and served with various vegetables and sauce, and these two concepts have been combined by Tapawarma.

Furthermore, Tapawarma also aims to be the Number 1 on-the-go Tapa food concept as they have come up with unique and creative menu ideas that won’t only satisfy your tapa cravings, but also give you a full belly. Indeed, Tapawarma offers Tapa in all forms — Wrap, Noodles, Rice, Nachos, and Longwich.

As much as we wanted to try everything, we only got to snatch three of their Tapwarma offerings, starting with with their Wrap. The Tapawarma Wrap is of cucumber, onion, tomato, garlic sauce, signature tapa, and cheese sauce, all cuddled inside a pita wrap.

After having their Wrap, we then moved onto their Longwich. Their Tapawarma Longwich also includes all the yummies that the Tapawarma Wrap has, but instead of a pita wrap, all those ingredients are sandwiched inside a hotdog bun.

Lastly, their Tapawarma Rice is perfect for when you are hungry and you want something heavy. This one is of mixed veggies, cucumber, cheese with garlic sauce, and signature tapa on top of warm a bed of white rice that are all inside a cup.

No doubt these Tapawarma products are delicious and satisfying. Each one is just great anytime and anywhere, regardless if you want to have it as a meal or as a snack.

Check out more of their products on their Facebook and Instagram. Interested to franchise? Visit their Website for more information.

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