Taste and Enjoy Middle Eastern Inspired Dishes from All-Day Shawarma Station

Get a taste of Middle Eastern inspired dishes carefully adapted and tweaked to cater the Filipino palate from All-Day Shawarma Station. You can have a load of their Shawarma in both Rice and Wrap options. They also have Keema and Hummus up for grabs, so you surely will find something that is of your preference.

Their Shawarma Wrap comes in Beef (Php 110), Chicken (Php 100), and Shrimp (Php 195) and is a sure appetite-buster as this is made with their ADS Homemade Pita together with a slice of sharp cheddar cheese, crisp green and red cabbage, drizzled with their special ADS Garlic Sauce as well as ADS Spicy Sauce. Indeed, this dish is perfect for when you want a savory on-the-go snack! Plus, you can also have this with some Fries (Php 25).

Meanwhile, if what you are looking for is something heavy, then All-Day Shawarma Station’s Shawarma Rice option is the way to go. Much like their Wrap option, this one also comes in Beef (Php 145) and Chicken (Php 135). This one includes a flavorful java rice on the side topped with toasted garlic flakes, crisp green and red cabbage salad, and their ADS Garlic Sauce as well as ADS Spicy Sauce.

As mentioned, All-Day Shawarma Station also has other products besides Shawarma. Their Beef Keema (Rice Php 150 | Pita Php 135) and Hummus Pita (2 pieces Php 125 | 5 pieces Php 200) are also up for grabs.

For more information, visit All-Day Shawarma Station’s Social Media Pages. They are available on both Facebook and Instagram so do check them out.

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