Taste more tasty nomnoms in the home of Chinese Pugon-Roasted Asado, Lido Cocina Tsina

With barter trades happening way back before wars, we sure have established a relationship with Chinese people, and one of their influences to us is no doubt their cuisine. Chinese cuisine has been part not only of our very own kitchens, but definitely our culture as well. We even dubbed pancit as “pampahaba ng buhay” and called lumpia our fave and “it’s not a Filipino party if there’s no lumpia”, you see? Time and time again, we see these food taken into a different delicious cuisine without losing touch to its roots. However for Lido Cucina Tsina, we absolutely enjoyed tasting classics.

Now called Lido Cusina Tsina, they actually were called Panciteria Lido wherein they were located right in the heart of Chinatown, Binondo – where else? Opened in 1936 by none other than Chef Lido, Panciteria Lido have catered to Chinese favorites such as noodles as well as wanton, all the while sporting that dash of sweet and salty Filipino flavor. From then, Chef Lido experimented with more dishes like Chinese pork roast recipe by cooking it under “pugon oven”, resulting in the birth of the popular Pugon Roasted Asado.

Lido Cucina Tsina has now been passed onto different owners, one of which is Annie, who have started expanding the brand way back 2011. She is also the one behind almost everything that is on the menu, refreshing their offerings at least once a year. More into their food, Lido Cucina Tsina doesn’t use MSG and even offers seasonal items like their Patatim!

And as we have finally started talking about their food, of course, we are not to leave you hanging dry with just those. True to its reputation, their Machurian Wings is a delight, especially with its playful spice. Follow that one with their 16 Spiced Shantung Pork and your palate will absolutely love you for giving it different tones that deliciously complement each other.

Of course, being we are already here at Lido Cucina Tsina, we are not to skip on the dish they haave made popular – the Pugon Roasted Asado. This tender nomnom gets even more flavorful than it already is when you eat it with their special asado sauce.

Next to that is another dish that they are known for and that is their Beef Brisket Wanton. This one is a blend of easy and hard, you know? It is easy to love and hard to let go – that’s what we meant by that. It sounds cheesy, but really, we got heart eyes for this one!

Having to taste one of their noodle offerings, you’d think we would stop there, but, boy, you are wrong! We also got the chance to dig into two more of their noods and those are the Hunan Lomi, which is one of the bests we got to try, as well as the Chami, which truly is a classic.

And if you are a fan of fish, don’t worry, they got a bunch of those, too! You could either go for their offering of Steamed Fish which is yummy, especially as they have used premium soy sauce in flavoring it, as well as their offering of Daing Breakfast which is like tasting a brand new day.

We also got to fill more of our tummies as we got to munch on their Shrimp Foo Yong which has lots of shrimp and egg. We paired that one with their Lido Fried Rice and let’s just say we are undeniably just “Solb!”.

Lido Cucina Tsina continues to wow every generation since they have opened in 1936 and we know younger generations will sure love them, too, especially now that most of their stores have function rooms and anyone can book it and have a wonderful time with their dear family and friends.

Lido Coffee

Also, do note that they offer breakfast until 11AM and that already comes with a complimentary cup of coffee; and if you don’t have yet the time to actually dine inside the restaurant, but desperately want to try their food, fret not, because they have an in-house delivery as well as they are available through FoodPanda and GrabFood!

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