Taste of the North: Food Fest by Subic Bay Yacht Club’s Cambusa Bistro

The Philippines is an archipelago made up of islands. That is a known fact and no one could say otherwise. With a lot of islands, Philippines really has an abundance of not only history, but also culture, stories, and of course, food!

That being said, as Subic Yacht Club finally opened its doors to the public, we were one of the few who got invited to their event last August which highlighted food from the Northern region. Chef Topher Dumo, their consultant chef, grew up spending time with his Ilocano grandmother. They love cooking together, hence Chef Topher’s love for food has been rooted in him ever since he was a child.

With an Ilocano heart and richness in childhood, Chef Topher was the one who led the kitchen during their event that was the Taste of the North: Food Fest which gave the spotlight to not only the beauty and creativity of Ilocos Culinary, but definitely the unique culture, including arts and other best representation of Ilocandia as well.

Showcasing folk dances, song performances, art exhibits, as well as native products, Subic Bay Yacht Club’s Taste of the North: Food Fest served a bounty of Ilocano dishes and delicacies that was categorized into 6 drool-worthy food stations!

Upon entrance in Subic Bay Yacht Club’s Cambusa Bistro, which was the venue of the event, the first station to catch our attention was the Pampagana ken Gulay wherein you will find their appetizer and ensaladas such as Tacos Ilocos Empanada, Kilawing Bangus, Kilawing Kambing, among others.

From starters, we walked our way to the second station which was the Sabaw ken Inapoy, filled with a variance soup like Papaitan Kambing alongside Sinaglaw, and a spread of rice like Aligue Paella, Bagoong Rice, Garlic Rice, Steamed Rice, and even Binugey!

After slurping some piping hot soup together with some carb goodness, we next targeted the Sida Station which basically is of a load of main dish or ulam. Here we found what the Ilocanos are proud of when it comes to their food. Filled with Pinakbet, Dinengdeng, Kare-Kare Bagnet, Calderetang Kambing, and whole lot more.

Having to down some yummy meat Ilocano dishes, of course the isn’t just going to keep it cool, because the fourth station is all about Laman Dagat also known as seafood! What awaits you here really were of delectable gifts from the waters as this station has Daing na Bangus, Alimango, Hipon, and Inihaw na Bangus!

You might be wondering as to why we haven’t mentioned anything about Ilocos empanada aside from the one from the appetizer station… Well, that is because you should definitely save the best for the last – although, this isn’t the last station! The fifth station is Bagnet ken Ilocos empanada which literally has two dishes being the highlight. The Bagnet is chopped right in front of you, sweetly torturing you with anticipation while the table dedicated solely for the Ilocos Empanada has refilled the second it was placed and over and over again, until the guests just had a fill of it!

Last but certainly not the least, the sixth and the last station is of Inomin, Sorbetes, Panghimagas ken Prutas. This station is an all-in-one stopover fueled with beverages like Basi wine sugarcane, sago’t gulaman, tubig, orange juice, pandan juice, and tanglad juice. Other than quenchers, this station is the home of everything nice and sweet such as Sorbetes which was of mangga, gabi, buko, halo-halo, ube, and keso.

And of course, what is a Pinoy celebration without the presence of some Filipino delicacies such as Tupig, kutsinta, and calasiao. Other than those, one can have melon, watermelon, buko, and mangga.

Indeed Subic Bay Yacht Club’s Taste of the North which happened at their Cambusa Bistro was amazing. Their ambiance is elegant and relaxing, their whole staff and crew was warm and accommodating, and their dishes deliciously improved and revamped!

Each and every one who attended the event could really attest as to how successful it was. People really were lining up to the dishes that have gotten their hearts thus the servers refilling those non-stop until the event ended at 3PM.

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