Taste the Flavors of the North with Ilocaneza

The Philippine Food Culture is indeed diverse and there really is no surprise in that as the Philippines is an archipelago as well as it has a rich history and culture. With each region having something delicious to offer, exploring Philippines is really more than just seeing what the islands look like, but also what it has to offer in regards to flavors.

Speaking of flavors the different islands in the Philippines have, the flavor of the North is big on savories and we think Ilocaneza has the perfect treats to prove how not only big they are on serving yummy food, but also on offering the people the authenticity of Ilocos goodies!

Now, let’s just put a stop on chit-chat and dive… or climb our way onto their delicious heritage. First up is none other than their Authentic Ilocos Longganisa! This one is blended with Sukang Ilocos which is made from Sugarcane; giving this dish the right kick and blend of sourness and saltiness. Pair this with eggs and fried rice, and you are indeed off to a great start!

Although, why would you stop at breakfast when you can have another treat from Ilocaneza! Better grab their Authentic Ilocos Bagnet, because, man, this one is the sin you will no regret be committing over and over and over again. Have this as it is for lunch or dinner or you can also put it as a delectable topping on Pinakbet or maybe you can also have this as pulutan on your next drinking sesh — however you want to eat this, you sure will enjoy it!

Ilocaneza really is big on bringing authentic Ilocos goodness in the homes of their customers, so what else are you waiting for? Don’t tell us Christmas, because we will call you out on it! Place your order by filling out their order form and dropping a message on their Facebook and Instagram pages. You can also contact them by ringing +639162370743.

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