Taste the flavors of the world with Lamian World Cuisine only at The Bellevue Resort

If you are one of the many people who find waking up early so darn hard, then come join the club, sis! There are a lot of times, almost always, that I let myself enjoy a little more sleep because well, let us be honest here, I sleep late at night for reasons I would like to keep private – just kidding! There are just a lot of thoughts in my head and a lot of things to do that just won’t shut it and so sleeping late equals to waking up late and actually that is a bummer because I love breakfasts.

It is true. I may not be a fan of waking up early, but I am hands down a lover of breakfasts, especially breakfast buffets! And having the chance to actually stay at a prestigious hotel here in Bohol, particularly at The Bellevue Resort gives me the awesome opportunity to dine with Lamian World Cusine.

Lamian World Cuisine encourages their guests to enjoy a wide range of both international and Filipino food fare much like a never-ending culinary buffet of sumptuous meals, as well as a la carte dishes including gourmet sandwiches, pizzas, and refreshing drinks which can either be delighted indoors or al fresco by the lovely poolside.

With a huge seating capacity, Lamian World Cuisine is indeed perfect for buffets, especially breakfast buffets when people are just buzzing around to get some fuel that would help them go about their days.

That being said, our first day started with some Rice Cakes that comes with a dip that reminded me of the ones in some Vietnamese dishes that I have got to try from my other food escapades.

Followed that one up with delectable Scallops  that I can tell was all fresh and succulent which is just a delectable treat that teased my palate to reach for more goodies such as the Napoleon’s which are just so downright delicious!

And of course, other than the wonderful variance that is right in front of us, we also got to try some a la carte dishes that you should not miss out on like the Sisig which is a bit spicy thus making it a total yum for me as I am a spicy lover, the Sinigang which is no surprise a favorite of many including me, and the Creamy Munggo which ups the munggo gaming to a next level as it is undeniably not only living up to its name, but also really delectable.

The Maja Ube is not only a variant of maja blanca, but also is a delicious spin on the classic coconut pudding that every Pinoy has loved ever since and the Binignit is similar to another Filipino delicacy called the Ginataang Halo-Halo or Ginataang Bilo-Bilo which also is a favorite of folks – may it Pinoys or Pinoys at heart!

Meanwhile, for our second day here, I got to make myself a tasty, hearty bowl of Congee the way I like it. With so many toppings to choose from, it was hard not to put everything in it but I have got to hold back a little as I wanted to be able to eat more because breakfast buffet here at Lamian World Cuisine of The Bellevue Resort is so worth the added few pounds!

I also got to try out some of their drool-worthy pastries which are all great-tasting much like the Brazo de Mercedez that I totally loved and absolutely stood out for me, and the Coconut Pudding which is a coconutty heaven of deliciousness in every mouthful.

Other than that, you would think it is too early for some Halo-Halo, but that just might be where you are wrong! Halo-Halo has got no schedule as to when it is to be eaten because anytime is the best time to eat it!

After that, I decided to wash it all down with glasses of juice such as the Pineapple Juice and the Orange Juice which surely gave me more zest for life which I am not at all complaining for.

With the promise of great, big adventures here at The Bellevue Resort, what is required is great assistance of delicious, drool-worthy food that would not only truly add more enthusiasm, but increase energy level as well, and that is what Lamian World Cuisine has to offer and so much more!

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