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I don’t know about you but I know when my Titas are onto their non-stop chikahan and my Titos are onto their non-stop inuman; it’s that fun, crazy day when everyone is at home waiting for their favorites: Grandma’s all-time blockbuster dishes. Warm and homey like a typical Pinoy house filled with love – this is totally what the vibe is when you dine at Chef Luigi Muhlach’s Lumu Filipino Kitchen & Beerhouse at Resorts World.


Eating a hearty lunch at Lumu reminded me that there’s no better way to spend quality time with people dear to me over a meal of delicious Filipino dishes that did not only remind me of home, but made me feel like I am at home.

Because it was lunch time, the sun was high up; so to quench our thirst and feel refreshed, we had the classic palamig, Bottomless Sago’t Gulaman (Php150). It was a drink and a dessert in one glass as it surely catches the sweet tooth of every Filipino.


As we have started with a panulak, our first pambara was a Filipino table staple: Rice. The Pinakbet Fried Rice (Php 225) was absolutely a plate of heaven. The pinakbet veggies were cooked just right, packed with crunch, mixed with slices of meat and goes really well with the tasty bagoong fried rice.


With one too many tongues talking over the table, why not add one more, right? Lengua ni Lumu (Php 389) won’t share you any stories as you will be the one sharing stories about it once you got a taste of it. With its succulent and tender meat that is an ox tongue with a hearty and creamy mushroom sauce, this one certainly didn’t disappoint.


If you’re looking for that putok batok dish, here it is. Binagoongang Tomahawk Bagnet (Php 435) is served with tender and crispy slices of tomahawk bagnet, coated in coconut bagoong sauce, and partnered with grilled eggplant and green mango salsa. This one is a total feast as a balance of different flavors will be tasted.


Here’s an adventurous take on pampahaba ng buhay: Sisig Lomi Overload (Php 299). This one will leave you slurping for more as the lomi noodles are far from being soggy, as the egg drop soup being thick and flavorful, and as the crispy sisig completes the whole adventure in your mouth.


By the way, it may have been just lunch time but there’s no stopping your noisy drunk uncle from making a scene. Solution? Serve him this Hangover Munggo (Php 270) and he’ll totally be left speechless as his mouth will be filled with mung beans, crispy chicharon, fresh talbos ng amapalaya, and tinapa.


A standard pulutan in a Filipino inuman is without doubt the crispy and creamy, savory and sour classic sisig, but this one has a twist as it takes a healthier turn for the dish. Lumu’s Tofu Sisig (Php 239) is served with perfectly-cooked tofu with a crispy exterior and soft interior that is coated with sisig mayo sauce and green chili.

Meanwhile, who would have thought Pares can be a hand-held treat, right? Served with tender beef shortplate pares in steamed bun with a bit of cilantro, Lumu’s Pares Cuapao (Php 255) is another classic Filipino dish presented in a scrumptiously fresh way.



Want more dishes but don’t have enough tummy space? The Lumu A-Banger Sampler Solo (Php 345) is the one for you! You can have a taste of six dishes in one dish served in six different sausages – Nagdurugong Puso (Dinuguan), Like an Explosion (Menudo), Kupido (Bicol Express), Cheesy Mo (Kaldereta with Cheese), Happy Humba, and Sisig Love – with their homemade vinegar sauce. These sausages are like pocket-sized dishes that can satisfy your Filipino cuisine craving. Served steamed but you can request for it to be fried.

From savory to saucy, from salty to a little kick of spice, Lumu’s Pichipichi Skillet (Php 255) is the one to complete your palate as this is the perfect panghimagas for that fun-filled, tummy-filled lunch. The baked cassava, cheese, and custard make the perfect blend of sweetness that melts right in your mouth.

Lumu Filipino Kitchen & Beerhouse is definitely not one to disappoint especially if you’re looking for that classic Filipino cuisine executed in a refreshingly innovative and creative way as they offer a variety of appetizers and savory mains. As all these dishes really establish how Lumu is a Filipino Kitchen, it was actually also inspired with the concept of a Beerhouse, so they also serve premium and traditional cocktails, even liquors, and beers that can surely satisfy not only your drunk uncle, but the drunk uncle in you, too.

Get that bayanihan going, visit Lumu Filipino Kitchen & Beerhouse at 2F Resorts World Manila, Newport Blvd, Newport, Pasay, 1309 Metro Manila.

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