Taste the yummy kind of nostalgia with your trusty ole pal, Sinangag Express

Many people say the best days of their lives are all thanks to their high school, and my response to that is, as Jeffree Star, would put it: “Can’t relate!”. I had a great time with my high school friends, yes, but basically, high school sucked. Big time; especially my senior year. I was stuck in the image of someone deeply in love with a boy who is not even worth it, such blech and might I add, ew. I was not able to be a part of the club I actually want to be a part of because of the stupid rule that there should only be three students from each class to participate in a certain club. Plus, the award that should have been rightfully mine and my partner was not given to us, so yeah, high school sucked. It. Sucked.

And so, for me, College is my jam, regardless of the shitty people that have judged and isolated me and my friends, it was for the most part my golden days. I loved the sleepless sleepovers we did just to finish as much research papers we need. I loved the sitting, mostly lying, on the hallways, with our laptops plugged. I love the nonsensical and deeply sensical talks with my college best friends. I loved it. I loved every bit of it especially when we share food with each other, because let’s face it, college is expensive, and so is food.

With that, my college bestfriends and I usually share our food because that way we have extra funds for our school needs and that is what Sinangag Express has got me reminiscing. No doubt, many could say that Sinangag Express has gone a long way. From a small spaced carenderia, to a now spacious eatery, Sinangag Express is truly a treat not only to people who are in a budget, but also to people who want to be satisfied with yummy dishes and are a die hard fanatic of rice, fried rice for that matter.

Let’s start with a classic fave breakfast of all, the Tapsilog (Php 99). This one comes with tender and tasty tapa, egg, and of course, fried rice, and you know you wont be able to say no to it.

Next to that, if you are more of a fish fan, then the Bangsilog (Php 99) is the soulmate you have been looking for. This one is a serving of bangus also known as milkfish, egg, and yes, fried rice!

And if you are more down with some gains, then good thing Sinangag Express has a bunch of meaty silogs you will so be giddy about just like the Porkchopsilog (Php 85) that is a plate of easy to chew porkchop, egg, and fried rice.

Other than that, Sinangag Express now has Ilocos Bagnet Meal (Php 130) to finally make your dreams of having the taste of Ilocos turn into a reality. This one comes with a load of Ilocos Bagnet, oh so good atchara, and fried rice as well.

But then again, if you want to stuff your face with more silogs, then turn your frown into a smile because Sinangag Express has Liemsilog (Php 99) which is a delectable goodness of sumptuous liempo, egg, and fried rice.

Now, for a saucy and meatastic adventure of a meal, better go for their Special Pares (Php 120) as this will really hit home for you. This one truly just gave me enough warmth and comfort as I was having a major headache I could not just ignore.

And after all that rice-filled journey, Sinangag Express will have your lips smacking because of delight with their offering of Chilled Taho (Php 30) which is all natural, no preservative, high in protein, lowers cholesterol, and is good for digestion.

Other than all those mentioned, Sinangag Express has a ton of other offerings such as more filling meals with the bonus treat of unlimited rice serving when you dine in, side orders, drinks that would be a great pair to any order of yours, and dessert that would hit that sweet spot of yours.

Also, with Sinangag Express being open 24 hours, students will really enjoy their offering that is of Student Bida Meals that are worth Php 75! You can now also take home your ultimate fave Sinangag Express Chili Vinegar Sauce for only Php 45. Truly, such a win dining experience you will have here at Sinangag Express!

Featured Branch: Nakpil St. Malate, Manila Branch

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