“Tea the Rescue”: 4 Types of Drinks by Island Tea Co. that surely would get you slurping

Coffee shops are part of people’s lifestyle – that’s just something we could not deny, could we? It’s obvious that many patronize such places because it’s such a relaxing place to be in. Whether you just want to take a quick breather, study, work, or whatever, coffee shops are friends. Other than coffee shops, milk tea shops also have garnered popularity for quite some time now.

Between the battle of coffee and milk tea, there’s one thing that has always been there, but have not been raved about, at least here in the Philippines, and that is none other than tea. Tea has many benefits and believe it or not, a ton people love drinking it, even though you don’t hear much of a razzle dazzle about it.

With that, Island Tea Co. is neither a coffee shop nor a milk tea shop, as it is actually a tea shop – which we are actually so excited about as we are also lovers of the ever-relaxing tea.    

1. Hot Teas

If you like a calming drink to help you relax your nerves and be at ease, then Island Tea Co.’s Hot Drinks are great for you. Their Perfect Ceylon Tea, Wildberry Tea, and Jasmine Green Tea sure are the trick to your rather wrecked nerves, plus, these tea variants are actually their bestsellers! Meanwhile, if you want to have a sip of the much-raved-about-current-drink, then their Perfect Ceylon Hot Milk Tea is a hot twist on your typical milk tea; this one is a fave of ours as well.

2. Coffee

Hot Coffee

And of course, Island Tea Co. is not only about tea, they also have Hot Coffee for you! Their coffee are of Sri Lankan coffee beans and you should give it a try – they also have an array of coffee variants you can choose from, depending on how strong you want yours to be!

3. Iced Milk Teas

If hot milk tea is not just working for you, don’t worry because Island Tea Co. still offers your classic cold milk tea. Enjoy like the royal you are and sip on their Valley of Kings Milk Tea which is a recommended drink of theirs. Also, if you want a creamy as well as a cheesy take on your milk tea, then say hello to their Nutella Cream Cheese Milktea – an absolute delectable drink, if you ask us!

4. Iced Teas

Lastly, if you just want a breezy feel kind of drink, Island Tea Co.’s Iced Teas are definitely the way to go for you! This light, refreshing drink type is a great accompaniment while you are just killing time and in the mood for a simple chill time. Revitalize with their Wildberry Iced Tea, Chamomile Mansi Iced Tea, as well as their Tea Mojito Iced Tea – all these are our faves!

Tea really has a lot of health benefits, especially if you are drinking pure tea, which Island Tea Co. is passionate about. They use loose leaf teas as they believe that quality tea does not come with tea bags. Although, tea bags are more accessible and convenient, Island Tea Co. says that quality is way different when it comes with loose leaf tea, because tea bags, which main purpose are to filter the tea, constrain tea leaves, keeping them from expanding to their full flavor and aroma potential.

And so, if you want to get the all out tea experience, Island Tea Co. is the place for you. They also are selling their loose leaf teas, so you could enjoy it in the comfort of your own home.

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