Tell your fambam “I love yah!” with munchies from Polland Hopia

Don’t you just love pasalubong? It is not an obligation, but somehow when you leave home, people at home are waiting for you, hoping you have something for them when you get back. Maybe, it’s a Filipino thing, who knows?

With that, of course, as we are about to go home from our day long munchies-filled at Chinatown, we passed by this famous pasalubong place called Polland Hopia Factory. Pollan Hopia Factory has been making delectably authentic mung bean cakes, also known as hopia – which has been part of many Filipino-Chinese homes.

The recipes of the founder, Mrs. Po, have withstood the test of time that these are still the ones being used up to this day. Polland Hopia has surely been a fave of not only Hopia aficionados, but also people of all walks of life. It is after all a wonderful afternoon snack, a pasalubong to loved ones and dear friends, or even a lovely treat to congratulate someone or yourself for a job well done.

That being said, Polland Hopia may have started with Hopia, but now they are offering more than just those as here, you could also grab some mooncakes, tikoys, and many other Chinese delicacies that have been go-to snacks at your humble home like kuchay-ah, fresh lumpia, kikiam, camaron, dumplings, siopao, alongside some sugary treats to fill your sweet tooth!

As we are about to head home from all the walking around Binondo, we, of course, would not leave empty handed or without anything that would put more than just a smile on the faces of our families who are waiting for us at home. We sure grabbed as much as we wanted for our families which they all happily gobbled down while listening to the story of how each of our day went.

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