Tempus Dining: Good times from morning to night

Tempus Dining is the latest modern cuisine restaurant and bar in Mandaluyong. If you are up for a whole day of luscious food and exquisite dining, then you should be on your way to Tempus Dining already. We are telling you, you would want to stay longer once you are here. 

Oozing with class and comfort, Tempus Dining boasts a clean and pristine space that is perfect for family eat outs, intimate dates, and even small gatherings or big celebrations. Believe us, Tempus Dining can execute your ideas to fruition so you could just sit back and enjoy yourself. 

Before that though, let us take you to a Tempus Dining adventure by starting with a few of their appetizing breakfast plates and ending with glasses and pitchers of their amazing cocktail selection. Are you ready? Well, you better be! 

Tortang Talong

For their breakfast, you might want to start with their Tortang Talong (Php 420) which is a classic Filipino dish. This is a serving of eggplant, savory mince, peppers, and rice beatifully plated on a skillet. 

Chinese-style Congee

You can follow that one with their Chinese-style Congee (Php 365) which is actually a specialty of the amazing Chef Robert Davis. This is a hearty bowl of chicken, pork, shrimp congee served with dough stick. Yummy! 

Croque Madam

Next you can have their Croque Madam (Php 610) which is served with bechamel, gruyere, parmesan, forest ham, and fried eggs. You better be prepared for this, though, because this dish will have your jaw dropping—in a good way, don’t worry! 

Classic Waffles
Classic Waffles

Of course, Tempus Dining also has Classic Waffles (Php 360) ready for taking. This is a plate of freshly made waffles topped with blueberries and cream, with a side of waffle syrup, banana compote, and butter. Absolutely luscious! 

If you want more after having these breakfast goodies, then we suggest going for a few of their Pica-Pica; Sandwiches & Wraps; and their Mains. What do we recommend? Well, you can see what else we delighted in at Tempus Dining here

Tempus Dining

As promised, Tempus Dining can cover your wants from morning to night, so if you are ready to amp things up, then let’s move onto their cocktails. Tempus Dining has three cocktail categories, and these are Signature Cocktails, The Classics, and Cocktails Carafes. 

If you are looking for something revitalizing from their Signature Cocktails, make sure to reach for their Manille Basil Smash (Php 290) which is a mix of gin, calamansi liquer, lemon juice, and basil; their Tropical High Ball (Php 290) which is of rum, coconut pandan, soda water, and cocoa bitters; as well as their Sinturis Sour (Php 290) which is a glass of gin, dalandan liquer, honey, turmeric, orange, and lime. 

Meanwhile, if you want something to lift your spirits up, then check out their White Chocolate Mango Colada and Cold Brew Flip which are also part of their Signature Cocktails. Their White Chocolate Mango Colada (Php 290) is a glass of rum, mango liquer, mango, coconut, and pineapple; while their Cold Brew Flip (Php 290) is a mix of rum, coffee liquer, basi, muscovado, half & half, and bitters. Delish, indeed! 

If you believe nothing could beat a classic, then go and have a glass or two from Tempus Dining’s The Classics selection. From here you can have the time of your life with a Negroni (Php 330), an Amaretto Sour (Php 330), a Mojito (Php 330), a Lychee Martini (Php 330), a Margarita (Php 330), a Mango Daiquiri (Php 330), a Cosmopolitan (Php 330), or a Whiskey Sour (Php 330). Surely, these are easy favorites! 

You can also call your friends so you can all cap off your night at Tempus Dining. They have Cocktail Carafes up for grabs which are pitchers of delicious mixes for all of you to enjoy! Come on and love up their Sangria (Php 990), Mojito (Php 990), and Manille Basil Smash (Php 1200) for a night of wonder! 

Tempus Dining

Truly, Tempus Dining has your whole day covered by relaxing, drinking, and dining with them. You should also not miss out on their Happy Hour which is 4PM to 8PM everyday as you could get two glasses of cocktails at the price of one. Visit their Facebook and Instagram for more details. 

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