Tex-Mex Cuisine under 1000php? 

Craving for Tex-Mex Food but doesn’t want to spend that much? Fret not! Here’s a Tex-Mex Hole in the Wall in Malabon area. Mostly the food is good for sharing and I was able to try everything (almost) on their menu.

Here’s my top picks:

Taco Rice – 100php


As what you’re familiar with it the same with the beef used in your taco shell, but this one is a rice meal. It’s so tasty and this one’s my favorite since it was my first time to try eating it with rice rather than the usual taco we’ve used to.

Beef Burrito – 160php


I’ve also tried their pork and chicken, but I like this one more. I’ve tasted several burrito’s which yes, tastes delicious but this one is the best for me because of its affordable price and can already be good for sharing.

Buffalo Wings – 125php


I don’t have a solo photo of the buffalo wings, but that’s how it’s served. It’s 4 pieces chicken wings serve with Bandido sauce. It also comes in Mango Glaze flavor, but the original one is better.

Cheese Quesadilla – 100php


pieces, toasted Tortillas with mozzarella and cheddar cheese, which was being served with their homemade salsa and Bandido sauce.

Texas Jack Twin Beef Tacos – 150php


This one can be served either hard taco shells or soft tortilla for the Beef and only soft tortilla for the fish. I personally like the soft tortilla since I find it too messy to eat hard taco. This one includes again their homemade salsa and Bandido sauce.

Billy the Kid Nachos – 110php


Not a fan of this one, but this was served first for appetizer. You have the option here to choose; Pork Cargado (110php), Beef Cargado (110php) and Limitado (60php). Limited is cheaper since it’s only the nacho chips with Pico de Gallo and jalapeno cheese sauce. We tried their Pork Cargado.

Bacon Cheezy Fries – 100php


The Bacon Cheezy Fries that we’re all familiar with. A must try just because… Bacon! 😄

Raspberry Smoothie – 110php


They serve several drinks like smoothies, lemonade and soda. We tried their Raspberry and Strawberry Smoothie they’re both made from real fruits which is a good thing. We also tried their blue lemonade, which I can also suggest. 😉

I’ve tried other Mexican Restaurant and yes, most of them taste really good, but somewhat costs too much. With Nacho Bandido, you can satisfy your Mexican cuisine cravings without spending too much. They also have take outs, FYI.

How to get there: 


Via Commute: 

From LRT Monumento, take the jeepney going to Acacia Malabon and tell the driver to drop you off at Concepcion. Nacho Bandido can easily be seen from there. If they’re not familiar tell them its on the other side of Floresco Homes.

Via Private Car: 

Just put Nacho Bandido Concepcion as your drop off point.



Address: 223-D Gen. Luna St., Concepcion, Malabon City 1470
Open Hours: 4:00pm to 11:00pm
Price Range: 500php for two people (approx)
Contact Number: 02-709-2417 / 02-579-3910
Facebook Page



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