The Battle of Four Cream Cheeses

Which one really is best for cheesecake?

A few weeks into quarantine, people have found themselves not only in the comfort of their home, but particularly in the embrace of their kitchen. Their love for food has suddenly found their way back as they try to recreate their go-to yummies from their favorite restaurant or try to actually learn how to cook and some even bake! Now, it has been months and there is just no denying that people’s love for food has grown so much more – discussions, threads, and groups are just talking about what they think is the best to use for something they are planning to make.

As that is the case, someone just asked the question, among four cream cheeses, namely, South Cape Cream Cheese, Swiss Valley Cream Cheese, MG Cream Cheese, and Arla Cream Cheese, is the best to use for a Cheesecake. However, before we tell you the results of that discussion, let’s first check out what each of the four options is all about:

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South Cape Cream Cheese is made from pasteurized milk as well as selected starter culture that sets the milk into a moist curd resulting into a soft, mild, and velvety cheese that can be used for both savory and of course, sweet applications. Apparently, South Cape Cream Cheese has different variants such as Apricot & Almond, Spring Onion & Chive, Sweet Chili, Herb & Garlic, and Cracked Pepper. However, for a spreadable cream cheese that is good for baking, South Cape’s Cream Cheese for professionals is a baking go-to of many baking pros and even enthusiasts.

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Swiss Valley Cream Cheese, though, claims to be a favorite for baking as well as they even have won many awards for their Cream Cheese and Neufchatel. Available in 3 pound loaves as well as 30 & 50 pound blocks, Swiss Valley Cream Cheese displays a smooth, creamy and delicate texture, with delightful flavor alongside excellent blending properties making it great for toppings and frostings on desserts and just overall a favorite for baked treats.

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MG (Murray Goulburn) Cream Cheese, from Australia, is one of the leading supplier of cheese that carries cream cheese and mozzarella products. This cream cheese is being used by a number of commissaries and even homebakers in the Philippines as it is said to be best for making cheesecake whether is it is a baked cheesecake or no-bake cheesecake. It is also good for dips, frosting, low-carb, and keto pastries that Filipinos are also doing.

Arla Cream Cheese is known for being produced exclusively from natural ingredients, without preservatives, additives, or even colorants, just like other Arla products. This cream cheese is characterized by its distinct fresh taste and is a wonderful solution for whenever you need it – for a quick snack, a last-minute lunch, or even a lovely recipe for the whole fambam. This one is also enjoyed just right out of a spoon, but of course, this one is also widely used for baking. Arla Cream Cheese also comes in four variants, namely, Herbs & Spices, Lactose Free, Organic, and Skyr.

Now that you are all caught up, let us tell you who rose above the other cream cheese in this discussion! Well, actually it is a tie between Arla Cream Cheese and Swiss Valley Cream Cheese. These were said to be the best among the four options when making a cheesecake.

People in the thread vouched for Arla the most even though they said it is quite pricey, it still is definitely worth its price; while they also vouched for Swiss Valley as it is one of their go-tos as well. South Cape Cream Cheese was said to be more on the sweet side, so if you have a sweet tooth, maybe you could try that and tell us what you think.

People have no comment for MG (Murray Goulburn) Cream Cheese while one recommended another cream cheese brand that is not in the four choices and that’s Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

How about you? What do you think about the four cream cheese brand we just went through? Or maybe you do have your own choice of cream cheese, too. Don’t hesitate to comment down below!

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  1. Hi. Your post is a great help but I just wonder why Magnolia Cream Cheese (the one in bar form) is not included. I have only tried one brand for making a no-bake cheesecake and would love to know if there are other brands that tastes better than Magnolia’s.

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