The Boathouse by BE GRAND bohol sails you to a fine dining experience you deserve

If you are staying at The Be Grand Resort Bohol, make the most out of it and experience what they have to offer – from their amenities and facilities, their activities, and of course, to their dining options! They have different ones that you could try as they have revamped every menu for each, giving their stay-in guests as well as walk-ins more choices to dig into and of course, savor.

If you are a morning person, you better enjoy the view with a wide spread of brekkie options with The Food Hall. If you just finished swimming in the pool or want to take a break from swimming, they have The Bridge Bar for you, and if you want to keep on swimming while munching on some chows, you could go take a dip and take a bite at The Swim Up Bar. If you want a more laidback, chill night time vibe, Lune’s gotchu! And of course, if you want to go all out with your family and friends, Monkey Bar has boodle-inspired options called Be Boodle Caoodle.

But then again, if you want to experience a real grand eat out since you really want to live the Be Grand kind of lifestyle, they have another dining option that stands as the classy fine dining restaurant for their customers and it is called The Boathouse. The Boathouse will really give you that coastal feel you sure are to enjoy, especially as its overall look is inspired from surprise, surprise, a boathouse!

This elegant and chic dining option here at Be Grand Resort Bohol is perfect for tasteful intimate dates with your loved ones and even refined casual eat outs with your family and friends. Embellished with touches of white tables and chairs with dashes of oceanic-colors, The Boathouse is well-lit with chandeliers and stylish lights.

Other than indulging in the gracefulness of this posh restaurant by Be Grand Resort Bohol, of course you better do what you really came here for – and that is none other than their food! The  Boathouse is known as the steakhouse as they are serving luscious meaty goodies alongside some wine for that sophiscated dining experience you really are treating yourself out with.

One of their many lush steaks here is the A5 Japanese Wagyu Striploin (Php 3800 + service charge) which you could choose among 4 side dishes to add. They have buttered veggies, baked potato, mac & cheese, as well as grilled corn. The wagyu itself is absolutely tender and we just could not resist reaching for it alongside the mac & cheese which we recommend you go for as well! You could also choose among three steak sauce – pepper corn gravy, red gravy, and wine béarnaise.

Other than the steaks, The Boathouse is the home of the famous dessert that Be Grand Resort Bohol is actually known for – the Chocolate Lava Cake (Php 580). If you are thinking what’s so special about it when it’s just lava cake, well let us tell you what! We actually thought that way, too, before trying it out, and boy, were we really impressed with this one. No wonder, this Chocolate Lava Cake is such a hit – this one has that right amount of moist and gooeyness in which you will find yourself really taking your moment with, because you don’t want to finish it up all at once, rather you want to take every moment with it, because it is that special!

No doubt, the Boathouse is in fact Be Grand Resort Bohol’s fine dining restaurant as this one is top-notch and is great for intimate gatherings as well as close-knit celebrations, especially because they have a selection of wine and champagne – perfect for a long night of fun chats and wonderful memories.

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Address: Be Resorts Drive, Brgy. Danao, Panglao, Bohol

Contact Number: (038) 412 9000

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