The Bridge Bar by BE GRAND Bohol: Turning all the fun in the sun into all the fun inside their guests’ tumtum

From the Swim Up Bar, we then went up and had more nomnoms at Be Grand Resort’s The Bridge Bar. If you have read our experience with their Swim Up, you probably know now that The Bridge Bar is their poolside bar. This one surely will give you that relaxing vibe that you have been craving for in your tension-filled, stress-filled office cubicle.

Literally on a bridge, with white decors, and a picturesque view of the pool and a sneak peek of the beach, The Bridge Bar got us swaying with the wind all the while enjoying more of our food. The food here at The Bridge Bar are of soup, starters and salads, sandwiches, noodles and pasta, pizza, and of course, main courses, so you sure will not only end up pleasured with the feeling, but satisfied with whatever you sink your teeth into.

Ordering Be Grand Pancit Canton (Php 550), we did not expect how good it was going to be, so we were really surprised and happy with how much we enjoyed it. This signature house special of theirs is a generous serving of sautéed egg noodles, topped with mixed seafood such as shrimp and squid in oyster sauce, and garnished with spring onions, calamansi, and scrambled eggs.

We really enjoyed finishing that one up because it has that saucy, savory taste we undeniably love; and we sure loved it so much that we even ordered it for breakfast on our last day with Be Grand Resort.

Other than that noodle dish, Be Grand Resort also had us digging into another of their signature dish and that is none other than their Be Grand Halo-Halo (Php 650). This one a Filipino favorite with a spin! Served in a Be-Grand-Resort marked fresh whole coconut, this shaved ice dessert comes with assorted preserved fruits, topped with caramel, ube jam, and a hefty scoop of ice cream!

No doubt, it was a wonderful afternoon at The Bridge Bar – and dining with them even made it more special. Plus, having this one as poolside restaurant is really convenient, because well, people tend to go hungry quickly when swimming.

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Address: Be Resorts Drive, Brgy. Danao, Panglao, Bohol

Contact Number: (038) 412 9000

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