The Cookie Monster in Me.

If you know Sesame Street, then you will surely remember Cookie Monster.  He’s that character in the show who couldn’t go through a day without eating a cookie.

He’s got that insatiable appetite on cookies, that no matter what he’s doing or what he’s up to, will definitely not matter because he will simply stop and munch on cookies instead.

But this post is simply not about him.  This is not about a Sesame Street character with a monstrous appetite on cookies.

This is me relating my experience of eating a Belly Baker cookies to a certain Cookie Monster because that’s exactly how I felt when I found myself munching and gorging these cookies.

But why exactly did I felt this way?  Why did all of a sudden I become alike to this Sesame Character?  It’s simply because, these Belly Baker cookies are undeniably great.

But what makes it great exactly?

First, it’s the neatly presented packaging that will catch your attention.  Nothing extravagant but simple and neat.


Second, you won’t fail to notice that they are not created in a typical cookie look.  They’re made in such a way that you will not simply be contented by looking at it.  You will feel that you must simply take a bite no matter what.

And so armed with this curiosity, I decided to try it out while I was at Starbucks taking a break from my out of town trip.



With my coffee still lingering in my mouth, I took my first bite and yes, I definitely did enjoy it.

The chewiness and soft texture of the cookies in my mouth makes you want to compare it with the softness of chewing a candy.  The great flavor and sweet taste complimented my coffee.  It really was a good combination  to try.

But what excites me the most after I tried my first cookie, is that it comes with different flavors.  One can get to taste a peanut butter cookie, blueberry cookie and strawberry cookie, all in one package.  It has the diversity that every foodie out there, is looking for.

So if you’re the kind of person who simply loves variety and choices, you will most definitely like Belly Baker cookies.


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