The Craft Central Café: Satisfying not only your artsy heart, but also your drool-worthy cravings!


If you are like me who is like a light bulb that has been lit every time I see an office supplies store, school supplies store, especially an arts & crafts supplies store, then this one I will be sharing with you will definitely make you ten times happier than even before and will be feeling an itch on your feet to travel right away and visit this certain specialty store that is filled of hard-to-find arts and crafts stuff!





But then, aside from this store bursting with arts and crafts supplies which has made me, an artsy fartsy, feel like I have been freed from being caged for a long time, this store is also a café which is another thing that has just swoop me off of my feet as I love the coziness and serenity that cafes usually are sporting.



Starting this art-filled food adventure with The Craft Central’s Three Cheese Spinach Deep; toasted sliced bread that gives you that light, crisp in every bite, and a dip that is oozing with cheesy flavor with a hint of spinach to taste, this appetizer is just perf for when you want to munch on something while you are in the zone for some arts & crafts.


Enjoying that nomnom is really not surprising, so ordering more of The Craft Central’s bread offerings, specifically from their Flatbreads selection is not surprising either. The Buffalo Chicken Bites Flatbread is flatbread topped with crunchy veggies, juicy cherry tomatoes, buffalo chicken bites, and drizzled with white sauce, hands down a satisfying order of a scrumptious meal.


Moving onto another variant of The Craft Central’s bread offering which this time from their Sandwiches section, the Spicy Shrimp Slaw comes with toasted slices of bread topped with veggies that don’t only give that fun crunch punch, but also give the dish a pop of color, shrimp that is not only plump, but fresh as well, an order of this is really an adventure as this also gives just the right kick of spice.


For when you feel like bread for carbs is not the one for you, then another famed carbs Filipinos can’t live without is an offering of The Craft Central as well because their mains are of course, of rice meals. The Asian Porkchop is an order of a huge cut of pork chop, topped with vegetables, and a hefty serving of tasty, colorful rice underneath.


While The Good Tapa is an understatement of a name for this dish because the tapa itself is great and flavorful with bits of garlic, sided with veggies, served with a bright sunny side up egg, and of course, this comes with rice as well – truly a meal that isn’t just good, but more than that!


If your eyes are starting to feel droopy from all the fun arts & crafts you have done, but still don’t want to stop, then you can order The Craft Central’s Latte which you can get either hot or cold. Their Hot Latte is perfect for those tiny sips of energy boost, while the Cold Latte will give you that zang of power up that would help you have lively eyes for another batch of arts & crafts.



However, if you are for the sugar rush, then you can choose to have The Craft Central’s milkshakes which are all milky and creamy. The Chocolate Milkshake is one for classic lovers that are nothing short of chocolate fanatics, like me, as this one is chocolate blended milkshake, topped with whipped cream and chocolate chips, chocolate wafer sticks, and drizzled with chocolate syrup.


Another delectable milkshake variant that The Craft Central has is the Salted Caramel Milkshake which is totally a favorite of mine! The blend of salty and sweet, creamy and milky is something that I really enjoyed in every sip, especially it gave me that sugar high I so love about sweets.

Lastly, if you want a drink that is just simple, with no complications or whatsoever, The Craft Central also offers their Signature Blended Iced Tea for the calm you. This thirst quencher is positively a refreshing drink that would rejuvenate you for more art fun!

The Craft Central has not only got me hooked, but has absolutely snatched my heart as this place made me so happy from their beautiful space, wonderful craft station, splendid arts & crafts stuff, and of course, lip-smacking great food and drinks!

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