The doors of Club Balai Isabel’s Kumintang Republik are now open!

Oh, we just really missed Club Balai Isabel and so we decided to have a quick Tagaytay getaway and have a staycation with them! We are even more excited now since we heard they just launched yet another dining option that we felt like we should not miss out on! 

Kumintang Republik of Club Balai Isabel

Club Balai Isabel surely is a pleasant surprise for people traveling to Tagaytay! They are a lovely resort filled with great amenities and wonderful activities. They even have a wonderful beachfront where people could relax and enjoy the ocean breeze. Surely, their sprawling grounds are perfect for strolling too, especially because they also have a spectacular view of Taal Volcano. Everything is just breathtaking at Club Balai Isabel, and that includes their food establishments as well!

Speaking of food establishments at Club Balai Isabel, we have mentioned earlier that they actually just recently opened the doors of another must-try restaurant; and that restaurant is Kumintang Republik. Offering Italian comfort food and more, it’s not a surprise that Kumintang Republik garnered some regulars quickly. 

Insalata Delo Chef
Calamari Fritti

We bet you will be a regular too once you get a taste of the delicious food options at Kumintang Republik. They have some appetizers, soups, and salads for starters. From this, you could delight and munch on their Insalata Delo Chef, Calamari Fritti, and Crostini. There is no doubt that these dishes will kickstart your Kumintang Republik dining experience on more than just a good note!

Lobster Ravioli
Margherita Pizza
Risotto Alla Pescatora
Risotto Ai Funghi

After having some starters, you can then proceed into teasing your taste buds more with their pastas, pizzas, and risottos. Their Lobster Ravioli, Margherita Pizza, Risotto Alla Pescatora, and Risotto Ai Funghi are all must-tries that will no doubt amp up your meal time with Kumintang Republik. These ones are positively irresistible!

Salmon Certuccio
Kumintang Chicken
Steak A La Minute
Steak A La Minute
Steak A La Minute

Since we are already on a roll with irresistible dishes by Kumintang Republik, then don’t think twice about taking a few steps further with their mains. Their Salmon Certuccio, Kumintang Chicken, Steak A La Minute, and Biryani will, hands down, satisfy your appetite like it has not been satiated before. Believe us, these dishes are just oh-so-sumptuous!

Mixed Berry Trifle

Of course, your whole Kumintang Republik experience won’t be complete without you indulging in a number of their desserts and drinks so make sure to get your table their luscious Mascarpone and delectable Mixed Berry Trifle. These two decadent treats will tie everything more than nicely, we are telling you.

Blue Ternate

Also, you can pair all these dishes with some refreshments like their Blue TernateBerrylicious, and Summer Breeze.

Certainly, Kumintang Republik has all the bases covered so make sure to visit Club Balai Isabel on your next Tagaytay trip! You can visit Club Balai Isabel’s Facebook, Instagram, and Website to see what else you should be on the lookout for when it comes to relaxation and pampering your whole being.

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