The Fat Seed Café + Roastery: Bringing delicious ideas to fruition

I have been in this café twice and during my first time here, I already fell head over heels in love. Going back, I could say the place is no doubt poppin’, just like what I expected. With dishes begging to be photographed and devoured, interiors as if almost made for an artsy photoshoot, The Fat Seed  Café + Roastery is all things gorgeous and awesome.






If you are like me who is curious of why it is called what it is called, then here’s the gist: The Fat Seed Café + Roastery is some kind of a metaphor the family of the owner has decided to use. In regards to growing, they hope to grow bigger and better as time goes by – just like a seed.







By glancing at their menu, you are putting yourself in a situation wherein it will be hard for you to choose because everything looks delicious; and as a spoiler, from what I have tasted – everything tastes delicious as well! The menu is a mishmash of everyone’s ideas and currently, they are roasting more for their growing patrons.



To start, what I had was their Grilled Cheese with Tomato Cream Soup (Php 285). Made with four cheese, buttered brioche bun, tomato soup, Italian tomatoes, pesto, and fried basil – the bread has a soft, crisp texture in every bite with a gooey, drool-worthy cheese pull inside. With a classic Pinoy eating habit, I dipped the grilled cheese sandwich into the tomato soup and all I could say is that it made the whole dish more heavenly than it already is.


For some quick bites, I enjoyed the Salted Egg Chicken (Php 235). This dish is like how the Power Puff Girls were made, although this one is all skin, spice, and everything nice. The crispy fun adventure in every bite is something that I would want to relive over and over again.


Following that is one of their bestsellers and surely a favorite of mine, the Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Ube Waffles in Salted Egg Sauce (Php 325) comes with ube waffles and buttermilk fried chicken, bacon infused maple syrup, salted egg sauce, and pickled red onion. Truly, the ube waffles gave the whole dish not only a pop of color, but a dash of sweetness that goes well with the taste of the buttermilk fried chicken. Adding the maple syrup, salted egg sauce, and pickled red onion made this order more extra which my palate is grateful for.


As if I haven’t had enough chicken today, this next dish is Mango Rum Chicken (Cilantro Rice Php 360 | Tortilla Wrap Php 330) which is served with juicy grilled marinated chicken in a special mango rum sauce, together with mango salsa and sour cream. I got mine with cilantro rice and it was good. The taste of the chicken was sweet and savory, and its meat was succulent enough that it was easy to chew.



If that’s not enough rice for you, don’t worry because I have two more rice meals heading your way – thanks to The Fat Seed Café + Roastery. The Kimchi Fried Rice with Maple Bacon Slab (Php 315) has kimchi, maple bacon slab, spring onion, nori shreds, and topped with sunny-side up egg. This dish has a bit of a smokey taste to it, plus just the right punch of spice from the kimchi, which I really took pleasure in eating.



This next rice meal is called the Wagyu Pares (Php 305). This one is another bestseller of theirs as this comes with wagyu beef cubes, alongside beef broth, and served with fried rice and shao xing rice wine. The beef cubes were definitely tender and tasty, plus the beef broth was really flavorful, and goes really well with the rice. Also, another thing to mention about this Wagyu Pares is how adorable its plating is. I mean, look at that stainless lunchbox – it would probably remind you of your middleschool days when life was simpler.



To end this splendid dining experience, I had a cup of their Latte (Hot Php 150 | Iced Php 155). There are three reasons why you should absolutely try The Fat Seed Café + Roastery’s Latte: One, their baristas are really skilled – they know what makes coffee tastes good and they are also passionate about it. Second is that their beans are sourced locally and blends really well. Third, they use Holly’s Milk which is a nice fresh milk sourced all the way from Laguna which gives their latte a thick, creamy texture that will make you come back and order it over and over again.

There you have it. That’s Fat Seed Café + Roastery everyone. I encourage you to go and visit them, have a cup of coffee or whatever drink you want to order and grab some of their nomnoms as well such as Spinach and ‘Shrooms, Mushroom Fritters, Street Fries, and Bruschetta Medley – these are some of the food I ordered on my first visit – while appreciating the beauty of the place itself.

Watch out for more of The Fat Seed Café + Roastery as they are about to drop more food choices and will be opening a new branch in BGC soon to finally cater to the South!

Follow Fat Seed Cafe on their Social Media Pages below:

Facebook: Fat Seed Cafe’ and Roastery

Instagram: Fat Seed Cafe’ and Roastery

Featured Branch: UP Town Center, Katipunan, Quezon City

Contact Number: 0917 763 2119

Hours of Operation: Mondays to Sundays, 10AM to 10PM

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