The Grandest Philippine Food Festival: Flavors of the Philippines 2017

The country is once again treated to a month long celebration of food and anything and everything in between.  April being the Philippine Food Month, the country is in for a delightful gastronomic road trip as Flavors of the Philippines  2017 showcases once again the best of NCR, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao culinary fare through with various activities such as cook-offs, food bazaars, food tasting, and market tours.


Jamon Iberico, a favorite Spanish delicacy, is imported cured and air-dried ham typically enjoyed with wine and biscotti.  More Spanish delicacies will be highlighted in Madrid Fusion and also Flavors of the Philippines.

Mounted by the Department of Tourism (DOT), ‘’Flavors of the Philippines’’ is set from April 1 to 30 and is happening simultaneously in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, serving as a prelude to the Madrid Fusion Manila 2017.

Organized by the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) of the Department of Tourism (DOT), Flavors of the Philippines is now on its third year of promoting different food and local cuisines from the different regions through activities held simultaneously across the country.


The festival was kicked off  by the ‘Paella Gigante’ recently held at Greenbelt 3 Park, Makati City where chefs from Les Toques Blanches (LTB) Philippines cooked an 11-foot diameter paella, completos recados  with chorizo, chicken, and seafood cooked the traditional way over charcoal and firewood. The fund-raising proceeds are earmarked for the benefit of Sociedad Española de Beneficencia (SEB).

The nationwide food festival will feature various activities ranging from food markets to featured food and menus in hundreds of venues, aiming to position the country as the heart of culinary interest worldwide and to showcase the rich and delicious culinary encounter between Spanish and Filipino chefs.

Also included are tapas festivals, food tours and tastings, agricultural fairs, bazaars, food festivals in restaurant and hotels, gourmet meals and special dinners by celebrity chefs in select restaurants and hotel outlets, mall-based activities and events, food trucks, concert and music festivals and finally, food features in museums, galleries, theaters and malls. (Events schedule available here:

2 2017

Paella Negra at last year’s Savores in Zamboanga City.

4 2017

Runny poached egg of top of the traditional and original sisig recipe—strips of steamed pork and green mango marinated in vinegar and fish sauce.  More than 20 variants of sisig, from common favorites to exotic fusions were showcased at the Sisig Fiesta, held last year at Angeles City, Pampanga.

5 2017

From common favorites to exotic fusions were showcased at the Sisig Fiesta, held last year at Angeles City, Pampanga.  Some selections include sisig tugak (frog), balut sisig, crab and shrimp sisig.

Here are more gastro events in line with Flavors of the Philippines, that will run throughout April. Kain na!

  • In National Capital Region (NCR), there are two simultaneous events are ongoing until April 30: “Smokey Tour” will walk visitors through the market area of Old Manila with merchandise ranging from medicinal herbs, birds and clothing to digital gadgets, open every day except Wednesdays. “Glimpse of Filipino Culture,” is a cultural exhibit in Art Gallery Sining Kamalig in Quezon City; Other events include “Sabado Mercado” in San Juan City, “All Natural Health Fair” and “Vegan Fair” in Lucky Chinatown, week-end fair “Cheese and Deli Festival” and international cuisine fair “Taste the World at Eastwood City” at Eastwood City.

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