The Joy Givers Movement From One Of The Happiest Nation


Jollibee launches the Joy Givers Movement to recognize the unparalleled generosity of Filipinos.

 The Philippines is a joyful nation known for the warmth, friendliness, and hospitable nature of its people. Pinoys are also known to weather even the toughest challenges, and still be strong enough to genuinely smile and laugh with each other. It is as if Filipinos have this innate quality to give and share joy to those who need it, whenever, wherever.

We are familiar with the heartwarming stories of Pinoys giving joy—from small, mundane moments to big ones that capture the whole nation’s heart. Jollibee, the country’s most-loved fast-food chain, is initiating a search for unique individuals who, in their own little ways, are able to give more joy to those around them. Dubbed the Joy Givers Movement, this search aims to recognize the unparalleled, inspiring generosity of Filipinos.


Who can be a Joy Giver?

Through random acts of kindness or grand gestures of charity, Joy Givers are individuals who make our country’s culture of sharing happiness and generosity truly one-of-a-kind. From something as remarkable as volunteering in local charity or non-government groups and organizations, to something as simple as sharing a meal with a stranger in need. A Joy Giver may be a brother who wakes up extra early just to make sure you have baon everyday, or a school security guard who never fails to greet students on their way to class.

Jollibee aims to recognize these Pinoy groups or individuals whose actions inspire the community to give more joy in all ways, always.

For over 26 years, kiddie events group Clowning Around Manila has been sharing joy to kids . Last Christmas, they partnered with non-profit organizations Ohana MNL and the Kythe Foundation to bring Christmas cheer to children who were unable to join their families for the holidays.

Visiting pediatric wards dressed as princesses and super heroes, the presence alone of Clowning Around Manila’s team brought about endless delight to the patients. Apart from leaving Christmas gifts and the happy holiday spirit, Clowning Around Manila imparted the best gift all—joy. Know more about Clowning Around Manila, Jollibee’s first-ever Joy Giver awardees by watching the video below:

How can we nominate someone to be Joy Giver?

Do you know any #JoyGiver like Clowning Around Manila?

Share their story by nominating them on Jollibee’s Facebook page and doing the following:

  1. Comment on the official #GiveMoreJoy video:
  2. Share a photo of your nominee and your story on why they deserve to be a Joy Giver

Like Jollibee Philippines’ official Facebook page ( and follow @jollibee on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat to for updates on how you can nominate the Joy Givers who #GiveMoreJoy in your lives today.



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