The Lokal Food Park: Your Next Stop For Good Food and Great Music

Amidst the busy streets of Mandaluyong, another food haven is added to the booming number of food parks in the metro. Perfect for a weekday night out or weekend bonding, The Lokal Food Park offers both food and entertainment to its patrons.


Unlike other food parks, The Lokal has its own karaoke and game room upstairs. But of course, it wouldn’t be a food park without the wide variety of food in just one place. Let’s keep the introduction short and let’s move on to the pride of each of the eighteen stalls



Steak Shack

Craving for steak but budget is stopping you? Try Steak Shack’s variety of savory steaks, originals of a mother-daughter tandem menu in a very affordable price. They have all kinds of steaks from pork dishes like Pork Medallion to chicken and fish dishes like Bangus Steak and Blue Marlin Steak to budget Burger Steak. They also have Beef Salpicao and Beef Tapa and also Teppanyaki. We’ve tried some of their bestsellers such as Sizzling T-Bone, Signature Steak, and Chicken Fillet Steak and it sure is worth your every cent spent. Pity we weren’t able to taste another one best seller of theirs, the Porterhouse.



Café Maceo Maceo

Have you ever heard of the saying that if you repeat a name twice, it means luck? Apparently, that saying is true to Café Maceo Maceo as it expands from their full-serviced restaurant in Lucena to a food park stall in the Metro. They serve Filipino fusion dishes. I really enjoyed every bite of their Arros Con Pollo with special patis-calamansi vinaigrette. It is a deconstructed rendition of Pinoy Arroz Caldo inspired meal with grilled tender strips of chicken. Their Paella Toppings Seafood is a perfect seafood experience. Other bestsellers include Bulalo Kare-kare and Lechoron. Imagine the crisp of chicharon in the Lechon skin? Extra heaven right? Lechoron is served in different varieties such as Adobo sa Alamang, Ginatan with Kalabasa, Onion and Pepper Mix, and Sinigang na Lechon.



Everything but Cheese

As a foodie who loves cheese, Everything but Cheese is a very nice sight in a food park. It is a must-try for all cheese lovers out there! Try their creamy Lasagna and meaty Bacon and Mushroom Cheeseburger and taste it for you to judge.


The Bucket List

How about a taste of a tasty Beef and Lamb Pattie from The Bucket List?




ISeaFood is a perfect pun as you see their drool worthy seafood dishes. They serve Filipino favorites such as Beer Calamari and Tomato Garlic Shrimp.




Pok Wok

From the playful minds of the owners, Pok Wok was born from them making fun or “pork” that is being called Pok. But their menu is no joke as they both cook and they made it from scratch as one of the owners find his roots as a Chinese. Their Hongkong Stir Fried Noodles is the newest item on the menu but it definitely a candidate bestseller. We’ve also tried their Honey Fried Chicken and Salted Egg Shrimp perfect with rice or drinks. Another bestseller is their very tender and nutty Asado Backribs.


Shuma Gorath

Craving for a quick snack? Try Shuma Gorath’s Takoyaki Balls and Iced Matcha and it’s sure that you won’t leave unsatisfied.


Mang Si Peng

As the Korean craze engulfs the Philippines, more and more Korean restaurants are appearing. Mang Si Peng makes it easier to satisfy your Korean food cravings in just one stop. They serve affordable but delicious Korean favorites such as Korean Ramen and Korean Spicy Ribs.



Elvis Parsley

Elvis Parsley offers Japanese and Thai Cuisine. Pity we weren’t able to taste their Thai food as they will release them the next week after our visit but we’ve tried their Gyoza and Roasted Pork Ramen. No wonder it as that good, as the owners both have culinary backgrounds and one of them is a Sous Chef and been a chef for twelve years and counting. Other bestsellers are Katsudon, Beef Teriyaki, and Sushi.

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