The Mega Food Fest 2017

Sushi Nori

You’ll know that your sushi is great if the quality of the rice is good. It should have the perfect balance of texture and quantity. And Sushi Nori knows how to make a great sushi! We had their Sushi Dreams and it was good! The presentation was nice as well.

Photo 06-09-2017, 1 15 50 PM

Photo 06-09-2017, 12 31 16 PM

8Cuts Burger

8Cuts is known for serving gold ole beef burgers and milkshakes. It has always been a favorite and it’s good to know that it just keeps on getting better as quality was never compromised over time. The Cheeseburger that we tried was very meaty and well-seasoned.

Photo 06-09-2017, 1 46 47 PM

Jamba Juice

It’s pretty surprising that Jamba Juice served one of the drinks in their secret menu – White Gummy Bear. But for this particular food fest, we stick to the basic Strawberries Wild and it didn’t disappoint.

Photo 06-09-2017, 1 15 06 PM

Bliss Bowls

Healthy smoothie bowls are becoming a trend nowadays. Bliss Bowls is known for serving refreshing, and delicious smoothie bowls with all organic ingredients. We had their Cacao Bliss and it was so good! We loved the fresh fruits on top!

Photo 06-09-2017, 1 18 15 PM

Linguini Fini

During the Food Fest, several cuisines were served. Linguini Fini represents the Italian cuisine. They served two of their best-selling pizzas – Cheese and Bronx. We had the latter and it was good. Make sure to eat it while it’s hot!

Photo 06-09-2017, 1 52 23 PM

BLK 513

The matcha fever has been around for some time now and it shows no sign of stopping. BLK 513 is stepping up the chlorophyll-induced game as it’s giving us Matcha Skim Milk. The matcha taste was evident without becoming too overwhelming. It’s just so addicting!

Photo 06-09-2017, 1 00 03 PM

Photo 06-09-2017, 12 47 24 PM

Nitro 7 Coffee

We first tasted this on a food park and it’s quite surprising to find it competing with other coffee shops inside a mall. It only goes to show that it serves quality drinks. In particular, we’ve tried one of their best-sellers, Hazelnut Caramel Mocha. Presentation was so good and we actually loved the strong taste of coffee!

Photo 06-09-2017, 1 04 38 PM

Auntie Anne’s

Auntie Anne’s is known for fresh and handmade pretzels. They recently made an innovation by giving us Pepperoni Nuggets. These babies are best eaten hot. It’s a perfect take away snack that you can bring anywhere – movie house, car, and even while shopping!

Photo 06-09-2017, 1 26 48 PM

Llao Llao

Llao Llao is a Spanish brand that became an instant favorite when it first opened in the Philippines. We had a single serve of their froyo and it was nothing but amazing. The perfect balance of sweetness and lingering sour aftertaste is what makes this froyo addicting!

Photo 06-09-2017, 2 38 26 PM

The Lost Bread

One of the most Instagram-worthy dessert parlors is the Lost Bread. We got their S’mores with Torched marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate syrup and it was love at first sight. Presentation-wise – 5/5. Taste-wise – 5/5. Enough said.

Photo 06-09-2017, 2 33 06 PM

Lucca Bakery

Who says no to chocolate cake? Lucca’s 5-layer chocolate cake sent us straight to chocolate heaven! They also served carrot and salted caramel cupcakes which were a delight to see!

Photo 06-09-2017, 12 54 56 PM

Mega Food fest is starting to become an annual event that foodies look forward to. Make sure not to miss it next year! Thank you SM Megamall for inviting us!


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