THE MILK TEA CHOICE WITH NO COMPROMISES: Thailand’s famous Brown Café is now open in Manila

For those who are trying to find the line between moderation and indulgence, let me point you over to the right direction; Let me introduce all of you to Thailand’s very own Brown Café, now open here in Manila! Ready to serve its myriad of healthy milk tea options to the Filipino people.

Just when you thought that the Philippines has had every variation of milk tea known to man, Brown Café comes in and offers us their take on the country-wide phenomenon that is milk tea. Not only do they serve incredibly delicious milk teas, they also offer their milk teas with collagen-infused bubbles, the first of its kind in the Philippines.

Brown Café is unique due to the fact that they make almost everything in house. From the bubbles to the purees, giving them full control of the variations of every aspect of the drink. All of these are made with premium ingredients, some imported from Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore. And the fun doesn’t stop there, almost every aspect of their drinks is customizable. From the pearls and bubbles you add, to the container your drink comes in. They also put heavy emphasis on the presentation of the drinks they serve, from the premium packaging to the vibrant colors of the drink itself, making every single one of them absolutely beautiful to look at.

Now, with all that said you may be thinking that their drinks cost more than the average price of milk tea sold here in the Philippines, but their offering only starts at P75 and tops off at P150! It’s an absolute steal for what you’re getting. As what Darlene Lim, one of the owners of Brown Café, said, “We cut down on our own profit so that more people can try our milk tea”.

Now, as to how their drinks taste, I tried the Anchan Strawberry Latte with Rainbow Bubble and ordered it with 25% sugar level. I wasn’t surprised that the drink was absolutely gorgeous, the pink and blue hues were just simply a pleasure to look at. What caught me off guard though was the sweetness of the drink. I intentionally lowered the sugar level of my drink because I dislike the harsh sweetness taste you get from sugar. With that, I always expect all the drinks I order to be bland, but to my surprise this one wasn’t. It was still sweet without being overwhelming, like the sweetness came to you more naturally than forcefully. This is where Brown Café shines, the quality of their drinks. You can really taste and feel every ingredient they put into their drinks, the milk, the puree, the bubbles, the pearls, everything! Simply put, the drink was insanely good.

To those of you who want to try this innovative milk tea experience, you can visit Brown Café, at Ground Floor, Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. Those who would be lucky enough to go there early, Brown Café has surprises in store for its first 100 customers to celebrate their grand opening here in Manila. The 1st to 5th customers will get a 1 year supply of the crowd favorite Brown Royal Premium Milk Tea. The 6th to 10th customers get 6 months of supply. The 11th to 15th get 3 months. And the 16th to 20th customers get a 1 month supply of the Brown Royal Premium Milk Tea, the 21st to the 60th customer on opening day will get the option to buy 2 Brown Royal Premium Milk Teas for only P100. The 61st to 100th customers will get 1 free drink when they purchase a drink plus free rose gold metal straw.

This is just the beginning of something amazing. Expect to see more of Brown Café in the near future.

If you are interested to learn more about Brown Café, please visit Brown Café Philippines on Facebook and @browncafe_ph on Instagram.

Address: Serendra 2 Loading Bay, McKinley Pkwy, Taguig, Metro Manila

Hours of Operation: 10AM to 10PM

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