The New Normal by Army Navy Burger + Burrito

Your car is the star this time!

The New Normal really has rolled out and restaurants have been following the guidelines released by Department of Tourism in order to keep their space clean and their employees alongside their customers safe and healthy, especially that the global pandemic is still here. As restaurants as well as fast food chains opt for safer options to cater dine-in guests, Army Navy Burger + Burrito came up with a safer and also different yet creative way of enjoying their food in select branches across different cities and municipalities.

Army Navy’s take on the new normal is dining inside you car, instead of dining inside their store. Yes, you no longer have to go down even. Just park your car on one of their designated spots, their staff will be the one to come to you and take your order, and once your payment is received, all you have to do is wait for your orders to arrive.

If you are craving for some Army Navy goodies (which we are pretty sure you are) and you want to try this new dining experience, then here are the Army Navy branches that practice it.

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*Featured Photo by Army Navy Burger + Burrito Philippines

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