The Original Pares Mami House in Retiro is truly a classic that is hard to beat

Bored out of your mind? Don’t know what to do or looking for something classic that has always been there, but you never knew of? Driving around has made us found out of a lot of new restaurants and cafes to watch out for and a bunch of classic dining places that we have always loved and bring back so many memories we are so fond of coming back to.

That being said, when it comes to classics, the roadside has witnessed a lot of humble businesses grow into so much more than what they thought they would be, like this pares place in Retiro, The Original Pares Mami House.

Offering more than just Pares, the Original Pares Mami House, by the looks of it, is a simple, huge carinderia-style dining place with seating options around it and a second floor which opens later in the day, so you will actually be seeing a bunch of people waiting on the back of the ones who are eating. It is not taken as something rude, though, because once you get up from your chair, that means you are done and the one waiting for you can finally sit and order.

Once our ordered arrived, we started digging into their Hototay (Php 120) which is a generous serving of chicken and veggies and their Campto Soup (Php 95 | Rice Php 115) which is such a meaty treat to kick off this lovely meal time!    

Siomai (Php 45)

Having a bite of some vegetables, we started craving for more and thank the heavens as The Original Pares Mami House has Chopsuey Rice (Php 90) which is great for all veggie lovers out there! We paired that with an easy eat of theirs which is their yummy Siomai (Php 45) and a viand of theirs that is a crowd fave, the Buttered Chicken (Php 185).

Pares (Php 115)

And of course, we are not to stand up from our seats without trying the specialty of The Original Pares Mami House which is no other than their Pares (Php 115). This saucy dish is a blend of sweet and savory making it a delectable one paired with garlic fried rice.

Miki Bihon (Small Php 220 | Medium Php 420 | Large Php 630 | Family Php 735)

Besides those, we also got top slurp their lip-smacking good Miki Bihon (Small Php 220 | Medium Php 420 | Large Php 630 | Family Php 735) that is no doubt good for sharing. Plus, we were also served some complimentary mami soup!

Our dining experience with the Original Pares Mami House really brought us back to our simple days which we love to reminisce about. With delicious, budget-friendly offerings, we felt at ease to where we are now, regardless of how much stress we are carrying now.

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Featured Branch: #117 NS Amoranto St. (formerly Retiro St.)

Address: #117 NS Amoranto St. (formerly Retiro St.) corner Dr. Alejos St., Laloma Quezon City 

Contact Number: (02) 749 5913

Hours of Operation: Always Open

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  1. General Tinio St.?No wonder a young woman riding on a Jeep keep shouting at the driver KantoTinio ako/kami?😳At first didn’t get it?🤭😂😝….

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