The Pantree Food Hall: gives you a taste of international splendor and more

If you are an office gal or office guy in Makati, you probably heard of The Pantree Food Hall & Bar which is the go-to place wherein you can delight in an array of not only unique, but delectable cuisines as well, alongside a couple of drinks that are great for good talks and good times.

Regardless if you are up for some food that are of Asian, Western, and you know, even Vegan, The Pantree Food Hall & Bar got you covered, whether you want to enjoy your food by dining in or taking it out.

Getting to try nine food stalls, let us first check out Chang Thai which is your chance to finally get to grab some Thai food in your hungry tummy. Thai food is known to be a bit pricey here in the Philippines, but with Chang Thai, they offer you honest and authentic Thai food at much better prices.

With Chang Thai, there are so many Thai food you can surely enjoy, and from those you have got to give the Crispy Catfish with Green Mango Salad , the Pad Thai, and the Tom Kha Ghai a go, because these three are just a few of Chang Thai’s signature dishes.

From Thai food, let us fly our palate into the ever comfort-giving cuisine that has snatched the hearts of many – Japanese cuisine which is the highlight of Komoro. This Japanese dining concept known as Komora Soba in The Land of the Rising Sun originated from the colorful streets of Tokyo.

Offering Japanese dishes that are all of authenticity and of affordability, Komoro Japanese dining makes their own ingredients – from noodles to broths, everything is made from scratch. As everything is made to order, you are sure that you will be getting freshly made dishes that are served fast. From their delightful menu, you can try out some of their relatively top selling products which are the Katsudon, the Gyudon, the Teriyaki Chicken Bento, and the Tonkatsu Ramen.

This next food concept is another that is of Japanese cuisine, but this one though, gives the spotlight to a famous Japanese delicacy – the Takoyaki. And so, if you are a fan of that and want to have a taste of authentic takoyaki made from wheat flour, base batter, and minced, diced tako, green onion and red ginger, then head onto Takoichi.

Having to use local and international ingredients while offering six kinds of delicious toppings, the Naniwayaki, the Special Sauce, the Momigiyaki, and the Akikayaki are Takoichi’s bestsellers that are all a must-try!

What is next is another Japanese food concept which is the Suki Gyoza which actually only started as something the owners could do in the weekend, especially they love gyoza themselves. With an authentic recipe from a friend in Japan, they cook and serve their star dish all fresh and yummy.

Served not only hot, but also lip-smacking good, their gyoza is best paired with of course, their own signature tasty sauce which gyoza lovers will hands down take pleasure in every bite!

Another food concept here in The Pantree Food Hall & Bar that is offering freshly prepared goodies and is getting their ingredients from local suppliers is the COMO which started way back in 2012 and is cooking up something for you, or rather brewing something for you that you might want to watch out for soon.

With eight different kinds of sandwiches in their menu and a variance of homemade sauces you can enjoy, recommended for you to get a bite of are their three bestsellers which are the Sandwich that has bacon, steak, blu cheese, and homemade barbecue sauce, the Shrimp and Tomato basil, and the Wagyu Beef Cubes with Black Pepper Rice.

After that is the food concept here at The Pantree Food Hall & Bar that is called DiCofi which means go for coffee and has street food from the splendid country that is Vietnam. With different kinds of food offering, DiCofi try their best to keep everything healthy as well as flavorful.

With the name DiCofi meaning go for coffee, as mentioned, what you actually have to try are some of DiCofi’s dishes such as the Beef Stir Fried Noodles, the Grilled Porkchop, and the Spring Roll. The special marinade sauce that was used for the porkchop is no doubt great tasting.

For meaty dishes, the Carnivore Cookery is an obvious choice and a great one at that, especially if you are up for smoked meat having a taste of American style dish with a Filipino twist. Currently, they are expanding their already lovely menu with ribs and chicken.

With a very meticulous preparation process to keep the moisture in and make sure the meat is tender when done, the Smoked Pork Belly and the Smoked Beef Brisket are both mouthwatering and just downright sumptuous.

Of course, if there is something for meat lovers, there is also something for veggie fanatics out there and that is Planted. Planted is The Pantree Food Hall & Bar’s plant-based fastfood, vegan fastfood, if you may. They pride themselves with quick service and of course, healthy scrumptious offering.

Everything is made to order and everything is served hot and fresh. What you can have a mouthful of from this 100% vegan, plant-based food concept are the Corned Beet which is of mushroom, beans, and beets and the Falafel Burger which is of chick peas.

These nine food concepts in The Pantree Food Hall & Bar are all wonderful while each being distinct from each other and surely you have found something you would want to try out so get up, check out this great food space, have the time of your life as you get your mood on with scrumptious dishes like no other!

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Address: The Pantree Food Hall, JCSO Building, Dela Rosa Corner Castro Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City

Hours of Operation: Mondays to Saturdays, 10AM to 8PM, Closed on Sundays

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