The perfect snack for spicy food lovers! Fire Mayo Kodog is so hot, its cool.

For the longest time, hotdog sandwiches have been one of our go-to snack.  Whether we are on a short break and need to  grab something fast or when chilling out with friends and family. Even when watching movies, we usually grab one of these hotdogs to munch on while enjoying our favorite flick. Our childhood is even made up of those silly moments hanging out with our “kababatas” while eating hotdogs in and outside of our houses.

But rarely do we encounter a sandwich that is so hotly done, you simply can’t get enough of it. This is exactly how we felt as soon as we tried Bonchon’s Crispy Fire Mayo Kodog.  With its juicy, and delicious hotdog that spiced perfectly and served between soft and tasty bun, we definitely couldn’t resist it.

FA Spicy Ko-Dog 24x36 in

Every serving of Bonchon’s Fire Mayo Kodog  is oozing with flavor which complements well with the  spicy mayo. One bite is literally what it took us to fall in love with this hotdog sandwich.

To add to the experience, you can choose to have the Fire Mayo KoDog with the crispy and perfectly flavored Bonchon KFries and a glass of refreshing iced tea – a combo you definitely cannot resist”.

Bonchon Flatlay

So for those who love their hotdog sandwich with just a little bit of a kick, enjoy this hot and perfect snack – Fire Mayo Kodog from Bonchon Philippines.

Gather the gang now and and head on over to the nearest Bonchon branch and level up your already perfect bonding moments!

The Fire mayo KoDog is available in all Bonchon branches nationwide and is also available in honey Mustard and Miso Sesame flavors!

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