The Rise of the #ZingerGeneration: Our beloved Zinger now comes with Rice!

It’s big, it’s hot, it’s saucy, and it’s finally here.

Last September 13, 2019, KFC launched the newest addition to their mouth-watering menu, the Zinger Steak, a game-changing innovation that will definitely bring more fire to our well-loved finger-lickin’ experience.

This new amazing meal let us experience our beloved Zinger in an exciting new way, now served with creamy ala-king Sauce and served with butter rice and a side of corn. We immediately fell in love with the interesting flavor of the creamy sauce and the fiery spice of the Zinger chicken, which is absolutely perfect with the flavorful butter rice.

We all loved the KFC Zinger for its all spicy chicken glory, and have always been on the lookout for KFC’s fresh additions to this spicy chicken sandwich meal, with the newest being the Baconized Zinger – an awaited treat for the huge population of bacon lovers in the country. So when they announced that they are launching a new Zinger meal, we can’t help but get excited, and man, our excitement was well worth it when we finally got our hands on the Zinger Steak.

Behind this innovation is the reality that we Filipinos have an eternal love-affair with rice. For us, a good meal would not be complete without a hot steaming bowl of this Pinoy staple food. This is why KFC now offers us one with a new tandem that would we would have long been waiting for, our favorite KFC Zinger and a flavorful cup of butter rice.

You can get your hands on this exciting new KFC meal starting September 16. It’s available for P99 for ala carte, which includes the KFC Zinger Steak in ala king sauce and butter rice, P109 for the Zinger Steak meal and your choice of drink, and P120 for the Zinger Steak meal, drink, and side.

So run to your nearest KFC branch, rally the #ZingerGeneration and experience KFC’s new exciting dish!

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