The Rolling Pin: Giving your tastebuds delectable rolls of sweetness every time!

Do you feel like you have just been taking all the blows recently? Have you been just going with the flow or maybe watching everyday pass by right through your eyes? Have you been rolling with the punches lately? Well, dear friends, let me tell you a secret… you are not alone.

These past few months really have been heavy, especially these past days, so we get what you are going through. However, as we speak of rolling with the punches, have you heard of The Rolling Pin? That was such a bad segue, we know, but if you want even just a tad bit of sweetness in what may be a tough day for you, The Rolling Pin offers delectable pastries that would surely sprinkle some joy amidst this dullness.

Said to be made from the finest Belgian dark chocolate, The Rolling Pin’s Decadent Chocolate Cake (4 to 6 pax Php 380 | 8 to 10 pax Php 650) is as heavenly as you imagine it to be. Digging into it, you will be enjoying a moist, chocolatey feel, showered with chocolate powder on top, that surely will have you quick in putting that spoonful in your awaiting mouth.

Another indulgent option for you is The Rolling Pin’s Merry Berry Basque Cheesecake (7″ round cale Php 2200). This one is no ordinary cheesecake as this is oozing with strawberries mixed with the delectable promise of burnt cheese. This sumptuous treat is perfect for special occasions or when you want to turn a casual day into a special one.

Other than those two goodies, The Rolling Pin just recently released their latest yummy creation — the Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Filling! If ever you are wondering if banana and cheese would be a great combination, well this one will give you the answer to that life-long question of yours!

Hurry and find out what dessert-related-slash-sweet-goodies questions could be answered by The Rolling Pin. Order now by shooting them a DM on their Instagram or reach them via their mobile at 0917 147 0725.

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