The Shanghai Roast Got All Your Cravings For Authentic Chinese Roast Covered

There is no need for you to travel all the way to China Town to get a taste of authentic Chinese Roast because with The Shanghai Roast, you definitely could enjoy that at home or wherever you want it to be delivered. Currently, The Shanghai Roast’s menu is categorized into five selection and they are filled with roasts, platters, combo meals, rice toppings, and of course, some extras too.

If you find yourself craving for roasts, The Shanghai Roast will surely be able to cater to your cravings, especially because their roasts range from poultries to porks. Truly, whatever roasted choice you have in mind, The Shanghai Roast will be able to give it to you!

From their ala carte roasts, you might want to snatch their Roast Goose which is available in ¼ (Php 900), ½ (Php 1700), and Whole (Php 3200). If you want more of this yummy dish, then you could go for their Roast Goose Platter (Small Php 1800 | Medium Php 2700) which includes roast goose, roast pork, roast BBQ, soy chicken, century egg, and seaweed.

You could also have these roast yummies with your favorite side, namely rice, because as we have mentioned, The Shanghai Roast has Rice Toppings up for grabs. Their Roast Pork with Rice (Php 230) as well as their Roast BBQ with Rice (Php 230) are just two out of four of their mouthwatering options that come with rice. Yum and filling, indeed!

Don’t miss out on all the authentic Chinese roast you could have! Catch more of it from The Shanghai Roast’s Social Media Pages – Facebook and Instagram.

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