#TheLegendReturns: You Better be Ready for Alamat

If you have the time, we would like to tell you story. A legend, if you will. It has been years since we have gone on a night out in Poblacion, for reasons obvious to all mankind. However, lately we found ourselves rather excited to be in the midst of one of the busiest streets in Makati because apparently, #TheLegendReturns. 


A quick search on Google would tell you that the word legend means very well known, but it could also mean a traditional story sometimes popularly regarded as historical, but unauthenticated. However, the legend we are talking about is not just any legend, it is THE legend and it is definitely authenticated—authenticed to be providing good food, good company, and overall, a good time. 


Alamat Poblacion is a well-loved Filipino Gastropub in Makati and they have finally returned, inviting people to open their mystical doors and enjoy a magical night only they could provide. From their space to their food, Alamat Poblacion really had us enchanted in an instant. They were able to do this by serving us four of their crowd favorite appetizers within just a few minutes. 

Pork Belly BBQ

We started with their Pork Belly BBQ (Solo Php 390 | Sharing Php 750) which is a serving of three skewers of 10 hour sous vide pork belly, glazed with banana bbq sauce, topped with labanos atchara, and served with sukang alamat. This one was so good, we felt like it really teased us into having more and so three more appetizers coming up just sounded perfect!

Honey Chili Chicken Skin
Mushroom Chicharron

Their Honey Chili Chicken Skin (Solo Php 290 | Sharing Php 560) is a serving of crispy fried chicken skin coated in a honey chili glaze; while their Mushroom Chicharron (Solo Php 275 | Sharing Php 499) is a plate of fried oyster mushroom, sukang alamat, and charred chili aioli. These two were absolutely a munch-athon and they surely had us munching non-stop until we reached for the fourth and last appetizer. 

Lambanog Chicken Inasal

Their Lambanog Chicken Inasal (Solo Php 390 | Sharing Php 750) is a luscious plate of coconut mum marinated grilled chicken thigh, lemongrass, atsuete oil, and suka’t toyo. Saying this dish is flavorful is an understatement because this one is hands down oozing with flavor up to the bone. Each bite is as tender and tasty as we imagined it to be, maybe even more. 

King Oyster Mushroom Sisig
Alamat Sisig

For their mains, we first had two of their Sisig variants: their King Oyster Mushroom Sisig and their Alamat Sisig. Their King Oyster Mushroom Sisig (Solo Php 325 | Sharing Php 599) is actually a vegetarian sisig made with king oyster mushroom, oyster mushroom, and tofu; while their Alamat Sisig (Solo Php 395 | Sharing Php 750) is a sizzling plate of pork jowl, ear, and belly sisig tossed in charred liver sauce, topped with crispy chicken skin, and calamansi. Truly, a Sisig feast we were more than glad to be a part of! 

Beef Belly Bistek

Since we felt like we were on a meaty roll, we decided to follow those two with yet another meaty dish. Their Beef Belly Bistek (Solo Php 690 | Sharing Php 1299) is a scrumptious beef belly dish that was slow cooked for 18 hours with a soy-citrus red wine sauce, alongside caramelized and crispy onion on a bed of mashed camote. Totally a must-try, you have to believe us! 

Recovery RIce

Of course, we did not eat all those savories as is. We made sure to pair those with some rice, and that rice happened to be Alamat Poblacion’s Recovery Rice (Sharing Php 420). This one is undeniably a hearty and unexpected mashup between pancit and fried rice, and then loaded with chicken, squid balls, vegetables, plus a crispy fried egg. No doubt, if we were feeling not our best earlier, then this rice dish certainly was the trick. What did we tell you—magical things really happen here at Alamat Poblacion. 

Tsokolate Pandesal Bread Pudding

Speaking of magical things Alamat Poblacion has, their Tsokolate Pandesal Bread Pudding (Solo Php 299) is one of those! Made with Malagos dark chocolate, tablea chocolate, pandesal, housemade pulvoron, and whipped cream, this one had us not wanting to leave Alamat Poblacion. Truly, we were enchanted beyond saving and honestly, we need no saving at all. 

Alamat Poblacion really was not kidding when they said #TheLegendReturns! We don’t know about you but we surely will be returning soon for more magic. Know more about Alamat Poblacion by visiting their Facebook and Instagram

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