There is no chasing the flavor, because with PaksBite, the flavors chase you – in a party tray kind of way

We really can have anything at a single click. With our life revolving technology – do not even deny it because you won’t be here if you are not – and our phones, laptops, whatever gadget, a once time-consuming task could now be delivered to you even in just a few minutes; and that is what we love about PaksBite.

Got an event coming up? You are assigned on food but the only thing you know about it is to eat it and not cook it? Fret not because PaksBite is your savior! They are offering a bunch of made to order party trays that will really be great for any gathering or meeting you plan to wowza people with delicious home cooked meals.


We have heard and read so many things about PaksBite and being lovers of food, of course we are not going to miss out on this must-try goodies! Their Kaldereta is something we just can’t forget. Each bite is a promise of more flavor, more tender meat, and more spice in our lives.

After gorging their Kaldereta party tray, we started digging into another that is of a pinoy dish, the Pork Binagoongan. This one has that right saltiness to it that we just could not help ourselves but to keep on getting some more until we found ourselves opening up another.

The Smoked Ribs was truly a saucy classic that has undoubtedly become our favorite! We love how not only thick its sauce is, but tasty as well. Also, the smokiness complimented that real soft meat that has made us drool and satisfied at the same time.

Lastly, if the Smoked Ribs was our favortie, the Baked Mac is our ultimate favorite! If we ever are in a party and there’s only a single tray of this one, we call dibs on that. We call dibs on that so hard! The oh-so-cheesy and meaty layers of this one is just to die for and we would gladly take the burden of not being able to finish it off of your shoulders if ever you are already full.

PaksBite has certainly amazed us. The four homecooked dishes we had really made us feel at home and special in each and every spoonful, so give your guests something heartwarming that they would remember you by, by letting them have a taste and fill of PaksBite. They have a lot more dishes to offer, other than these four we had and we know you soon will have as well.

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Contact Number: 0917 510 5360

Hours of Operation: 9AM to 5PM

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