There is so much to eat up and drink down at Commune Hall – a food hall in the South

The South has always been a hip, cool place perfect for hip, cool people, of course. That being said, folks have always been on the hunt for a new space to chill in that is not only of laid-back vibes, gorgeous looks, but also serves real tasty treats that could satisfy any craving that is of any food kind, may it be sweet, sour, salty, saucy, spicy, or whatnot – just like how life is!

With that, Commune Hall is surely the hall which you do not need a hallway pass to get into as this one is a food hall of fun, bright lights and more than just cool, poppin’ murals that are not only a sanctuary for the IG personas, but a space filled with delicious flavors that is a feast to the eyes and to the tummy.

Trippin’ first with some feisty fiesta, Fiery Style is a known Tex-Mex restaurant here in the Philippines that has got their loyal diners growing even more in numbers as they really know what they are good at – and that is their food offering that will give your palate the kind of feast it surely deserves.

Their Nachos are a go-to snack that is of a tower of cheesy, gooey, meaty goodness perfect for friends and family enjoying the time of their lives. While the Rib Eye Steak and the Crispy Flour Taco that is filled with Beef are both more than just your protein fix as these ones are also delectable.

From Tex-Mex goodies, let us get some hefty serving from the west, the Burger Joint is all about burger excellence as they are known to be the great American burger place committed to give their customers a better burger experience as hamburgers have undeniably become one of the greatest American icons and that iconic dish is the highlight dish of theirs, alongside some scrumptious other ones just like the wings!

The Burger Joint’s Baconator and Cayenne Butter Chicken Wings are just two of the sumptuous meals you can try out and indulge yourself with as all you have to do is Trust in the Crust, as The Burger Joint has a smashed technique of burger grilling, which when done right, creates a savory crust that seals in all the natural flavors that are from all the fresh ingredients they make sure they have.

Another food joint here in Commune Hall that brings you meaty pound of dining experience is The Rib Shack which from its name you will already get a hint of what it has not only for you, but also for your friends, and for your fambam, of course!

The Rib Shack has some Nibblers you can definitely munch on and recommended is a fave of almost everybody, the Crispy Bacon! It is such a fun meaty crunch adventure for everyone. While the In A Relationship Platter is their heavenly trademark dish, the ribs, that is great for two!

From ribs, do not hesitate into getting some of another classic fave that if it hasn’t snatched your heart, then it is your heart, the old-time delicioso dish, pizza. Tired of having Napoletana Pizza? Well, Pizza Romana of Nonna’s might just be the star on your next pizza rave!

The Quatro Formaggi, the All Meat, the Spinach and Goat Cheese, the Hawaiian, and the Tabarnes are just some of the pizza variants they have that you should really not miss out on! Other than pizza, they also have some pasta dishes, one of which is the Salted Egg Mac n’ Cheese, giving your typical mac n’ cheese a different yet no doubt delectable twist.

For something a little different, a little out there that is perfect for the adventurous  and the one who is so into some seafood especially the tasty classic fave of many, the shrimp, the Shrimp Hut has some delicious dishes that at first, people have found weird and a bit typical but upon having to try it, have fallen in love with it.

Their Shrimp Hut Special, Garlic Butter Shrimp, and Spam Musibi are just a few of the dishes you can definitely delight in at Shrimp Hut. These one are a total bomb as each has a unique flavor you will totally call dibs on!

Taking your palate into a bit of an Asian exploration, get ready as you give yourself  two tasty journeys of rich history and vibrant culture.

The Boru Japanese will give you the comfort you have always been loved that Japanese dishes provided. The Deluxe Truffle Ramen is a noodle dish that has that fun, lovely twist to it; while the Volcano Maki Roll is that spicy, mouthwatering dish you will be reaching more and more of.

After having some Japanese dishes, fly your palate to Korea, particularly to Seoul, which almost everyone is familiar of and dreaming of being able to go to more and more each day. The Food for the Seoul has some delectable delicacies that are, of course, food for your soul such as Bulgogi with Rice which truly is a lip-smacking good dish!

But then again, of course, there is still no place like home and we all know how the Filipino palate has always its way of craving for some real delicious snack such as the very much adored street food which here at Commune Hall, you can get a lot from Street Eats!

Munch on some Kikiam, Fishball, Tofu, Squid Balls, Chicken Balls, Fried Siomai, Kwek-Kwek, and Turon as you go about your day with your dear friend and surely you both will be reminiscing some simpler days where your problem is how you will be able to pass Mathematics or whatever subject you are doing your best to pass!

If you are up for some healthy munchies, then do not fret because Commune Hall has some lovely, healthy, and yummy dishes just waiting for you to be devoured. The Happy Greens will surely put a smile on your face as you will be having some light but filling dishes.

As Happy Greens is about making you happy after eating salad, you certainly have to get a fill of their Lettuce Meatball Soup, Pulled Pork Wrap, Caesar Salad, and Yorokobi Salad! Everything they are serving are healthy, have no flavor enhancers, no artificial colors, and whatnot.

For some sweet treat to top all this off, Chiara’s is a hubby and wifey tandem, inspired from their daughter named, you guessed it, Chiara. This dessert stall highlights authentic Italian gelato and cakes.

Their Mango Almond Cake, Speculoos Gelato, Hazelnut Gelato, Chocolate Gelato, and Straciatella Gelato, which is their version of the famous cookies and cream, are just some of the must-try desserts Chiara’s are offering!

Lastly, for drinks that would be a perfect pair to any dish or maybe even all dishes of your choice, the Commune Bar got some beverages for you to help wash down all those yum goodness you have munched on and eaten up!

The Sunrise and the Choc-O-Pop Frappe are both wonderful drinks that would surely help in downing all those deliciousness your palate has enjoyed and your tummy has totally been happy about, that instead of gurgling, it’s finally at peace.

With all those different food concepts, each having a unique, tasty highlight that is their own, the Commune Hall is surely a chill space for someone looking out for a quick, delicious break from all the toxicity, especially if you are in the South, so take a breather and love every minute you spend here!

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