There’s A New Burger In Town And It’s Deliciously Different!

Long before  anyone was  hooked on Koreanovela, I was one of those crazy, head over heels and so overly gaga with Korean actors and actresses like Lee Dae Hae and Lee Dong Wok.   I would literally spend hours and hours finishing Princess Hours, My Girl, Green Rose and Coffee Prince  in one seating.  And if that wasn’t enough I was such a big fan that I don’t mind braving the terrifying Quiapo just to get good copies of these very addicting Koreanovelas. I would still remember how I crazily downloaded all their soundtracks onto my Ipod just to keep hitting repeat and vividly play my favorite scenes in my head. I would even search for lyrics despite the fact that the songs are all in Korean.




Who could ever forget the heart wrenching story of Autumn in my Heart or most popularly known before as Endless Love? This particular Korean drama I believe is what started it all.

Fast forward to the present, wherein Filipinos still can’t get enough of K-Pop and Koreanovelas.


We get to meet new handsome and loveable Korean actors to go gaga. But more than that, I believe what really makes us hooked and addicted to these Koreanovelas are the relatable stories filled engaging plot and irresistible humor.

Now, enough of Koreanovelas. You might even ask what’s the relevance of this matter to food? Well, let’s talk about what’s excitingly happening just around the corner and you will surely be able to connect the dots.

Last May 19th, our favorite Burger joint – Wendys held a launching event for their newest and very interesting burgers and it’s not one you should dare to missed.


Wendy’s released their very own Kimchi Chicken Burger served with Kimchi Loaded Fries and we’re one of the lucky ones to get to try it first.



If you’re a big fan of their signature Bacon Mushroom Melt Burger then the new Philly Cheese Bacon Mushroom Melt Burger will definitely be your new favorite.




We had fun games involving interesting Korean facts, K-Pop and K-dramas. We had such a great time taking photos and of course eating their burgers.

And if that wasn’t enough, after the event, later that night, we drove all the way to Wendy’s-Ayala to enjoy this delicious burger at the comfort of Makati Business District.






There, we met Happie whose one of the most friendly and very accommodating Wendy’s Store Manager we have ever met. She’s got that sweet smile despite her nervousness when we mentioned that we are What To Eat PH and guess what? Happie is already following us -What To Eat-PH on Instagram.



Wendy’s Kimchi Burger with Loaded Fries and Philly Cheesesteak are available nationwide with prices below.



Here’s some trivia for you guys. Would you like know why Wendy’s patties are square? Watch it below.

And here’s a treat for everyone whose been following us on Instagram, Facebook and here at our website.


We’re giving away 2 Kimchi Burgers Gift Certificates and 2 Philly Cheese Bacon Mushroom Melt Burgers Gift Certificates to four of our lucky readers. One Gift Certificate is good for two persons already, complete with fries and their delicious iced tea. A perfect treat for your special someone, friends or family.

Just simply answer the questions below and four random winners will be chosen on May 31st and will be announce here and on our Facebook Page.

  1. Which Korean Actor and Actresses are your favorites?
  2. Which among the Kimchi Chicken Burger and Philly Cheese Bacon Mushroom Melt do you like most?

Come on, leave your comment now!

24 thoughts on “There’s A New Burger In Town And It’s Deliciously Different!

  1. My fave Korean actor and actress are the one who played the role if Stefi and Mateo Do from the Korean movie “My love from the star” I like most is Cheese Bacon Mushroom Melt, can’t get enough!

  2. 11) My ultimate crush is LEE MIN-HO ^_^
    2) I’m craving for Philly Cheese Bacon Mushroom Melt! Yummmy!

  3. I haven’t tried Kimchi Chicken Burger and and Philly Cheese Bacon Mushroom Melt, hope you can give me a chance to taste it =)
    I’m a fan of Kpop!

  4. I have tasted once the Philly Cheese Bacon Mushroom Melt and Im starting to love it. My favorite Korean actor and actress is Kim Tae Hee and Lee Min Ho because they are a very good actor.

  5. LEE DONG WOOK – fave actor!
    I am an avid Grim Reaper fan than even my husband got jealous..haha cause I changed my wallpaper with Lee Dong Wool on it! 😍😍😍
    SONG HYE-KYO – fave actress!
    She’s cute and funny, I love the way she portrays the character of Jesse in Full House.

    I love to try Philly Cheese Bacon Mushroom Melt cause I am a BACON fan!

  6. Goo Yoo and Yoo In-na are my favorite Korean actor and actress! They’re so good in Goblin! Philly Cheese Bacon Mushroom Melt is the one I love the most because I’m a sucker for cheese! 😀

  7. 1. Gong Yoo and Park Hee-Von from K-Drama Goblin.
    2. I love Philly Cheese Bacon Mushroom Melt. Looks so delicious! Cheese and bacon are perfect combo.

  8. GOBLIN Cast 😉 i have had a lot of laughs and cries while watching this!

    Philly Cheese Bacon Mushroom Melt Burger pleaseeeee


  9. My favorite Korean Actor is Gong Yoo and my favorite Actress is Kim Go-eun, I love watching them together in Goblin. I like Kimchi Chicken Burger. And will definitely go back for it.

  10. My favorite Korean actresses are Song Hye Kyo and Park Shin Hye.
    My favorite Korean actors are many to mention! Hahaha.
    Jang Geun Suk, Gong Yoo, Lee Jong Suk, Jang Hyuk, Hyun Bin and Kim Jae Wook 😀

    I would love to try Wendy’s Philly Cheese Bacon Mushroom Melt!

  11. 1. Actors: Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo-hyun, & Soong Jong Ki/Actresses: Song Hye Kyo, Park Shin Ye & Kim So Hyun
    2. Kimchi Chicken Burger

  12. My favorite actor is Kim Shin and Ji Eun-tak. And I like Philly Cheese Bacon Mushroom Melt most.

  13. My favorite Korean Actor and Actress are Lee Min-Ho and Park Min-young of City Hunter. I love this K-Drama so much that I have finished it watching for a week. I was hooked with the plot, the actions, and the love story that evolves with Lee Min-Ho and Park Min-young, and with Lee Min-Ho’s mentor, his mom and his dad (the President) in that drama. This is one of the best K-Drama I’ve watched so far. And I am drooling over Kimchi Chicken Burger. I am a kimchi addict and the fact that Wendy’s incorporated in the burger makes me want it more. It is genius!

  14. My favorite Korean Actor and Actress are Song Hye-kyo and Rain of Full House. It made me fall in love with the story and their characters. It is the best romance-comedy K-Drama that I’ve watched. I love Song Hye-kyo’s character in there because she portrays a brave girl with full of hopes, positivity, love, and kindness.I love Cheese and Bacon so Philly Cheese Bacon Mushroom Melt is my favorite. This Wendy’s new burger is my comfort food and it makes me happy eating it.

  15. favorite korean actor: Lee Min Ho Actress: Jeon Do-yeon
    I like the Philly Cheese Bacon Mushroom Melt burger is tasty good!!! I can taste the aromatic beef burger patty then the juicy onions and bell pepper, then followed by the after taste of the melted thick gooey cheese.For me, I got satisfied already, their bun still chewy tasty and not the foamy type. Im glad Wendy’s is on track for releasing this kind of burger that other fast food joint can’t offer.

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