There’s no other way for you to go, because all good things point to Yes Please!

No one probably planned their summer as staying inside the house, working inside the house, bumming inside the house, and whatever thing you could probably do inside the house. But then, surprise, surprise, here we all are – inside our houses, taking vitamins, stocking up on paper towels and alcohol, trying our best to avoid getting sick, and promising the universe that once all this has ended, we will be more grateful and appreciative of the simple things we once took for granted and enjoy it a lil bit more; like actually having the sun on our face or simply being able to walk in the park.

Anyway, with plans of going to the beach or spending the night and the wee hours of morning out partying all cancelled, better jot down Yes Please as one of your go-to places, because this one won’t disappoint.

With a fusion of both Asian and Western flavors, Yes Please has come up with an offering of dinner specials that changes from time to time which we got to experience right before almost everything had went downhill. Their Foie Katsu Sando which is of soy barbecue, ham tartare, caramelized spam, alongside brioche and their Ginger Garlic Squid which is of crispy squid heads, sesame, and pork floss are both delicious starters.

Follow those with their oh-so-yummy and oh-so-filling mains like their Dan Dan Noodles which is of bacon, chili garlic, sesame, peanut, and spicy minced pork; their Menchi Katsu Curry which is of minced meat katsu, cheddar, black mussels, and white rice; their Garlic Steak Rice which is of USDA steak, minced wagyu, sunny side up egg, and corn; as well as their Labahita Meuniere which is of browned butter, capers, herbs, and red rice pilaf.

Other than those delectable options, their Oyster And Pork Sisig (Php 420) which is of pork cheek, chicken liver, chili, and red onion; their Chopped Lechon Belly (Php 380) which is of spiced vinegar, hot mustard, and liver gravy; and Pares Pancit (Php 290) which is of beef shank, anise soy, egg noodles, chinese cabbage, pickled onion, and chili garlic are also great choices.

Thise tasties would also go great with their lip-smacking good drinks like Home Alone, Free Willy, as well as Clueless. Yes, their drinks are inspired from classic  films.

Last, to end a wonderful dinner with Yes Please, their Banana Tres Leches which is a sponge cake with banana milk, chantilly cream, and dulce de leche as well as their Peanut Butter Chocolate Affogato which is of espresso, choco peanut truffles, and mantecado ice cream! All good things really point to Yes Please, so you better be ready when the quarantine has been lifted, because Yes Please will just be waiting for you to come over. Watch out for their theme nights, too, because those ones are a definite fun time!

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Address: 38th St. Uptown, 11th Ave, Taguig, Metro Manila

Contact Information: 0917 140 7777

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