These Crab-starred dishes by Ley’s Kitchen are surely homemade with love

Seafood is one of this world’s greatest gifts and you can’t make us believe otherwise! We won’t even deny how much we love indulging in a feast highlighted by the bounty of the sea. Truly, we will be drooling for everything on that table, if we are given the chance. 

That said, we are so happy when we knew about Ley’s Kitchen as they are big on exquisite food trays such as pasta, meat dishes, and crabs. Haven’t heard of them? Well, that’s surprising because they surely have been making waves with their luscious seafood offerings and of course, we don’t want to miss out on all the fun so we made sure to call dibs right away! 

Coconut Curry Crab

Obviously, their crabs were what we were after since Ley’s Kitchen is actually well-loved because of them. We mean, why wouldn’t they be when they offer their crab dishes in an array of sumptuous flavors, right? To date, Ley’s Kitchen has 10 crab dishes up for grabs and as much as we wanted to try everything, our fridge just couldn’t handle that. Because of that, we got 2 out of their 10 crab dishes and let us tell you right now: they were downright delicious! 

Their Soy Garlic Chili Crab has that mix of garlicky, salty, savory, and spicy flavor notes that you guys know we are big fans of! We love our food with depth and Ley’s Kitchen really brought that to our table with this Soy Garlic Chili Crab of theirs. This one indeed hit the spot for us, but of course, we haven’t forgotten about the fact that we got two crab dishes from Ley’s Kitchen. 

Coconut Curry Crab

As much as we loved their Soy Galic Chili Crab, Ley’s Kitchen’s Coconut Curry Crab was the bomb as well! The explosion of flavors this one has is just immaculate! We got that distinct yet delish dish kick only curry could provide, together with that coconutty sweet and milky taste only a coconut could give. This, truly, is a dish for the books! 

Honestly, we need not to state the obvious, but okay, we will still do—Ley’s Kitchen exceeded our expectations and you have got to try them out too. You can visit their Instagram for more details. 

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