THINNOVATION: Discover the new ‘Thin’ Twist in OREO Thins!

Manila, Philippines – As we grow older, our taste palette matures too. It shows in the food we prefer. We explore for new tastes and sensations!

OREO Thins is a testament to the innovative experience of its local marketer, Mondelez Philippines Inc., which is celebrating its 54th year of catering to the snacking preferences of Filipinos. Mondelez Philippines saw an opportunity to propose an Oreo that has more crunch, same flavor, a new young adult target audience and of course,
a brand new snacking experience.

Flatlay 7

OREO Thins puts a modern and refreshing spin on your classic chocolate cookie. This grown-up version of Oreo is a more sophisticated sandwich cookie, made of delicate, thinner cookies with a layer of signature Oreo crème for the perfect combination of classic delicious Oreo taste, crispy texture and perfect sweetness. Being extra-light and ultra-sleek weighing only 5.9g and measuring only 7.2mm thin, it delivers a new eating experience to anyone looking for a light, stimulating, and attractive snack in a snap. Available in Vanilla Delight and Tiramisu, OREO Thins is perfect for your coffee breaks and tea time. Indulge on the familiar OREO goodness in a new thin twist.

Oreo Thins Tiramisu 95g_2

OREO Thins will be available nationwide beginning September 2017 in Tiramisu and Vanilla Delight flavors at PHP 41.50 per box.

Oreo Thins 2Oreo Thins Cookies

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