This Bilao by Usok Smokehouse will no doubt be the talk of your party!

Have you heard of the saying, “When there is smoke, there is fire?”, because we sure do, especially when the topic is food. A smoked dish is undeniably one of our guilty pleasures. We don’t care even though we will smell smoke after smoking something or eating something that has been smoked, because it is absolutely worth it. So yes, truly, when it comes to food, when there is smoke, there is fire — and that fire represents a food so scumptious and mouthwatering.

If you have no time to smoke your own food, then don’t cry, because you can experience the deliciousness of smoked dishes with Usok Smokehouse. Offering different smoked goodies such as meat, fish, and even vegetables, Usok Smokehouse really got our hearts as this is actually the second time that we had a good time with them.

Wondering what we had with them this time? Well, it’s from their Bundle Trays selection, of course! This selection is just perfect for us, because it is great for sharing, so we went for their Sampler B this time.

Their Sampler B (Php 1039) is such a filling choice as this one includes 6 pieces of Smoked Chicken, 1 piece of Bangus, 1 piece of Pork Brisket, and 1/2 Kilo of Vegetables. No doubt, this one had us happy and satisfied with a full round belly.

We had a wonderful time with every serving we had. Yes, we had seconds from this offering of Usok Smokehouse and we don’t regret it even one bit.

To check out more of Usok Smokehouse and their products, you can visit their Facebook and Instagram, or you can also click here and choose the option that would meet your needs — Menu, Order Form, Facebook, Instagram, SMS, or Feedback.

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