Three Guys and a Grill: Bringing the world together through their caveman community near a grill

Gather around for a story that is heard around a grill – Three Guys and a Grill. Grilling, to those three guys, lets them channel their inner caveman as most of them love perfectly-charred food served outside over fire. They say that that is just how things are for them, that it is part of their generic makeup.

Other than that, grilling actually brings neighborhoods togther, communites closer, and friendships blossom across countries and cultures, especially for over 4000 years, sausages and beef have been a staple among backyard feasts.

With that, sitting on hotdog business ideas for quite some time, and a shared passion for establishing a sustainable business that would provide budget-friendly, high-quality products which would also contribute to the local community, the three guys being of Swiss, Kiwi, and Filipino, decided to put all their cultural differences aside and created a menu different from what the Pinoys are already seeing – and those are products that are yummier, healthier, and higher quality.

In the talks of their products, their delicious offerings are all natural and locally sourced, of quality ingredients and without preservatives, charred perfectly on the outside and juicy on the inside, and all wrapped up in a freshly-baked experience that is sure to be of pure enjoyment!

Classic American (Php 140)

Start off with their Classic American (Php 140) which is one of their Lite Dog selection. This one is of an all beef hotdog, homemade ketchup, guava mustard, and onions. Truly, a taste buds teaser as well as a pleaser.

Swiss Army Dog (Php 190)
Posh Dog (Php 250)
Thunder Dog (Php 190)

From a Lite Dog of theirs, jump onto some of their Premium Dogs, if not all, such as the Thunder Dog (Php 190) which is of german pork bratwurst, sliced pickles, guava mustard, and sauerkraut; the Swiss Army Dog (Php 190) which is of traditional swiss schueblig, homemade ketchup, sliced pickles, and grilled onions; and of course, the Posh Dog (Php 250) which is of german pork bratwurst, truffle honey mustard, grilled onions, and cheese, lots of ’em! All this is just a scratch on the surface as Three Guys and a Grill actually has more for you to fill yourself up.

Speaking of more, with the best dogs in town established, Three Guys and a Grill started working on another favorite of theirs – and that is no other than… Burgers!

For their burgers, all of it comes with daily fresh grind beef patties, toasted potato bun bread, cheddar cheese, and Three Guys special sauce.

First on their burgers that we totally vouch for is the Tommy Burger (Php 190). This one is no doubt a classic but, seriously, hands down, the moment we took a bite into it, our eyes closed and we had a moment just like when Remy in Ratatouille is savoring the flavors he is getting from a certain dish.

Following that with the Kiwiana Burger (Php 230) which is a crowd favorite and is one of the many reasons why people come back to Three Guys and a Grill. Alongside all the imgredients of a classic burger, Kiwiana Burger has grilled pineapple and fried egg for that extra umph!

Last, but definitely not the least, the Anghang Burger (Php 190) is just straight perfect for those looking for that extra punch of spice and hotness in their delectable meal. This one is made special with sriracha mayo and jalapeños, no doubt the cause of that much-loved kick.

Besides high-quality sausages and burgers, Three Guys and a Grill has a bunch of sides that would go well to any of your chosen main dish. One of which is their ever-famous Thick cut Fries (Php 70) that would have any fries fanatic pledging their loyalty.

Three Guys and a Grill is grilling so much more for you that you definitely could see the smoke as everything about them is just smokin’. You definitely should be on the look out for Three Guys and a Grill Lite that would cater to people who are looking for something that is not heavy, but surely satisfying and scrumptuous still, as well as Three Guys Deli from which you can get their homemade sausages and patties frozen and ready for you to take home.

Plus, serving extra grilling realness, Three Guys and a Grill can do on-site catering for you wherein they can grill ’em like a caveman; “em” being their hotdogs – premium and lite – grilled and served on-site by their team with a minimum order of 50 hot dogs. You have nothing else to worry about as their customized catering carts can be easily assembled to house the grill, oven, and all ingredients they need to make their delicious dogs!

Featured Branch: Poblacion, Makati City

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Address: 4364 B. Valdez, Makati City

Contact Number: (02) 817 4449

Hours of Operation: Mondays to Sundays, 11AM to 11PM

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