Throwing the net into the sea: Catch the freshest seafood made affordable for everyone at Choobi Choobi!


The mother branch being in Cebu since 2013, Choobi Choobi has been serving the freshest seafood they could catch and offering it at an affordable price. With over 28 branches nationwide, we were more than just lucky to have tried dining with them in their first branch here in Manila which opened back in 2015.




With a splendid three-year streak, this branch of Choobi Choobi has not only built, but has nurtured their relationship with their growing loyal diners as well. Having a catchy name, Choobi Choobi, which means “to chill” or “to enjoy” in Fukien, actually was the favorite line of the owner’s great great grandfather every after a great meal.


Kickstarting our delightful Choobi Choobi experience by getting our gastric juices flowing with their tasty appetizers, the Chicharon Bulaklak (Php 175) is our first chosen nomnom to munch on and it was undeniably crispy and flavorful with or without its dip which can be their vinegar or their crispy pata sauce.


Another appetizer which we got to try was Choobi Choobi’s Guso Kinilaw (Php 115); their version of seaweed salad, topped with onion, tomato, and fried pork sahog. This one reminded us of lazy days with our grandmother back when we were younger wherein we enjoyed this yummy dish that has that pinch of sour fun.


Fresh from Tanny’s Garden, Cha Tao Miao – Stir Fried Snow Peas Sprouts(Php 215) is a specialty of Choobi Choobi which is loved by many diners. It is stir fried snow peas sprout sautéed in garlic. It’s a delicious, crunchy dish that we can’t stop ourselves from digging in.


For a hearty bowl of warmth and goodness, their Tinolang Manok Bisdak (Php 245), which is one of their Super Soups, is no doubt a scrumptious, lovely dish that is their own version of native chicken with malunggay, lemon grass, and some fresh sayote.


After that, we had Choobi Choobi’s Chilean Mussels (Php 335) which you can choose from four flavors – Tao Si Sauce, Spicy Gata (Coconut Milk & Spices), Steamed Garlic, and Whole Choobang. This dish is of mussels that are imported from Chile, tossed in sweet and tangy black bean sauce because what we had was their bestseller which is the Tao Si variant.



This next dish is a brilliant offering from Choobi Choobi called Shrimp in a Bag which can be flavored with Butter Garlic, Sautéed in Garlic, Spicy Gata (Coconut Mix), or Whole Choobang which are their special flavors offering. The variant we had was the Singaporean Style Salted Egg Shrimp in a Bag (Php 475) which is 1 pound shrimps in real salted duck eggs.


As lovers of spice and adventure, here is a favorite dish that is part of Choobi Choobi’s License to Grill selection; the Grilled Squid in Spicy Gata (M Php 275 | L Php 315) is such a heavenly meal as this one is grilled squid marinated in soy and served in a sizzling plate with creamy spicy gata.


Following that is the King of Fish, the Golden Pompano (Php 90/100g) which weighs 450g to 500g can be Grilled, Steamed in Soy Sauce, Pinaksiw, or Fried. We had ours grilled, recommended by Choobi Choobi, topped with onion, tomato ring, and drizzled with special pompano soy sauce.


The last two delectable dishes we had from Choobi Choobi are part of their Fry, Fry the Batter Fry selection; one of which is another favorite of ours, a specialty of the owner himself, Stan Tanchan, called Stan’s Fried Black Pepper Shrimp (Php 475). It is 1 pound of deep fried shrimps in Stan’s special black pepper sauce.



Lastly, as Cebu is known of their lechon, what Choobi Choobi has is their Choobi Pata (Family Php 520 |Fiesta Php 630) which is deep fried pork knuckles and is sincere of its tagline, crispy on the outside, soft and juicy in the inside. This one is surely a must try as this is not only one of Choobi Choobi’s specialty, but also many who have tried this one has said so many good things about it such as how worth it not only the experience of eating it is, but especially how lip-smacking good its taste is!

Definitely, Choobi Choobi has not only got us hooked, but it got us hook, line, and sinker, and we are not even complaining! Our dining experience here was absolutely worthwhile especially their place is just all things comfortable with a friendly service, so do not hesitate to go with the waves until you get to Choobi Choobi.

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