Tien Ma’s: Giving you a Variety of New Flavors for that Ultimate Taiwanese Cuisine Experience

Bringing you the taste of authentic Taiwanese Cuisine at its finest, Tien Ma’s has delighted local Filipinos by utilizing real Taiwanese secret recipes developed by extensive research and development. Offering delicious Taiwanese dishes at a pocket-friendly price, perfect in catering to the mid-market’s demands, Tien Ma’s continues to gain a strong following of patrons, paving way for their continuous expansion and development.





To feed your curiosity, Tien Ma’s is actually Tien Liyuan from Taiwan, born in 1932. As a child, she spent her days helping her mom cook and prepare meals for her younger siblings for their lunch boxes to school. Soon enough, as a young adult, she moved to Taipei and there, she perfected her recipe of Xiao Long Bao, while working in the kitchen at a local high school. With that, she opened her own stall selling her legendary Xiao Long Bao in the night markets, which Taipei is known for. Tien Ma’s secret recipe of Xiao Long Bao was then passed on to bring the best and most authentic Xiao Long Bao to us here in the Philippines.


And now, to feed not only your curiosity, but your hungry tummies as well, here are some of the new dishes to look forward to at Tien Ma’s.


Let’s start with some healthy veggies, Tien Ma’s Stir-fried Spinach (Php 215) is a shiny, bright green dish that has a bit of sweet and a bit of spice to blend with the bite of garlic. The jive between the crunch from the spinach and the savory of its sauce add up so much flavor to this dish.


Another greens we had was the Stir-fried Green beans with Minced Pork (Php 215). With a few ingredients on this dish, you’ll be surprised how it is packed with so much amazing flavor – a pinch of sweetness, some crunch from the bell pepper, and tenderness from the minced pork!


After having those vegetables, let’s go move onto some chicken dishes. Tien Ma’s Popcorn Chicken with Basil (Php 225) will give you that fun crisp in every bite while the basil will bring out a bit of sweet, minty taste and aroma to the whole dish.


If you want more than just sweetness, go enjoy an order of Mandarin Orange Chicken (Php 225). This is undeniably packed with so many flavors – the blend of fruitiness, sweetness, and sourness from the sauce coating the soft, crispy chicken chunks is an adventure one should take on.


For a heavier filling, we also tried out some of their beef dishes. Tien Ma’s Auntie’s Beef Stew Clay Pot (Php 229) is a favorite of ours. With thick sweet, savory sauce, crunchy vegetables, tender beef meat and beef tendon, this dish is perfect partnered with rice.


The next beef dish we tried was 3 Kingdoms Mushroom Beef (Php 255). This one got or lips smacking because of its goodness. With succulent beef meat that comes with soft mushroom which adds some crunch in every spoonful, you will surely love this one as well.


Of course, we are not leaving Tien Ma’s without having their congee. This time, though, we didn’t only get to try one, but three variants of their congee – Pork Floss and Century Egg Congee, Pork and Century Egg Congee, and Fish and Century Egg Congee.


The Pork Floss and Century Egg Congee (Php 165) was a tasty variant. If you’re not familiar with pork floss, then it has a cotton candy-esque look – that is if cotton candy is made of fluffy, fine, dry shredded pork. The pork floss adds a sweet and salty flavor to the congee, together with slices of century egg.


If you choose to have the typical pork chunks, and not pork floss, then that’s fine because Tien Ma’s offers Pork and Century Egg Congee (Php 165). The tender pork goes really well with the totality of the dish which will make one really full.


The last variant of congee we did try was the Fish and Century Egg Congee (Php 165). The fish itself is so juicy and it as if melts in your mouth. This dish is like a hug in a bowl, ready to give you comfort.


After having more than just good food, we got ourselves some dessert by having Tien Ma’s Shaved Ice. Currently, Tien Ma’s is offering three flavors, which are Chocolate Heaven, Strawberry Banana, and Mango Tango.

What we had was Mango Tango (Php 230) which is good for three people. It was a mountain of mango shaved ice with real, cubed mangoes, nata de coco, and topped with mango ice cream. This was a sweet, rejuvenating dessert that reminded us of twinkling lights during Christmas season.

Speaking of Christmas season, aside from gift giving and holiday shopping, parties will be left and right. Do you already have something for that office potluck? Does your kid have something to bring to school? No worries, Tien Ma’s has your back with their Party Platters! From Appetizer and Dimsum, Noodles, and Main Dishes (chicken, pork, beef, chicken, and rice), you can order a tray of each, if not all, that is good for 10 to 12 people. Also, Tien Ma’s Party Platter is available for takeout and delivery.

If your party will be bigger, Tien Ma’s also does catering. They are offering different catering packages depending on how big your celebration will be. In every food related fiasco you have, Tien Ma’s probably has an answer for that. With that, we are so excited for you to try out the amazing new flavors Tien Ma has prepared just for you!

Official Website: http://www.tienmas.com/

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