Tim Horton’ss Perfect Pairs: Coffee + Food Pairings Done Right

It’s no secret that we at The Travelling Tongue and What To Eat PH love coffee so much. Coffee is our blood. We are always on the lookout for new coffee shops in the metro. We know how to appreciate good coffee, and all others that may be partnered with it. Cakes, pastries, sandwiches – all these coffee pairings excite us too. This is the reason why we enjoyed last week’s event, Tims Perfect Pairs.

Last Thursday, we attended a caffeine-filled event hosted by Tim Hortons in Glorietta 4. It is all about the beverage that we love. The event is divided into two parts – Coffee Trivia and Coffee Pairings Session.

The Travelling Tongue - French Vanilla Tim Hortons

 Coffee Trivia

This part of the event refreshed all we know about coffee. There were 32 questions that tested everyone’s wit and knowledge. We were part of Green Team along with Bernard (@yummbernard), Eden (@uncoveringeden), Jonel (@joneluy), Kai (@minneje), and Abby (@seawltch).

We’re proud to say that we have answered most of the general questions about coffee. We also answered some trivia questions about Tim Hortons. We did quite well on the buzzer rounds, where we won twice. It was such a fun game! We really like activities like this because it creates a friendly atmosphere among all guests in the event. Thanks for this, Tim Hortons!

 The Travelling Tongue - Coffee Machine Tim Hortons

Coffee Pairings Session

Now we go to the more exciting part. This September, it’s all about coffee appreciation at Tim Hortons. In line with this, the Canadian brand launched Tims Perfect Pairs: Coffee + Food Pairing.

A Latte of Flavors

We are in love with Tim Hortons’ French Vanilla. No doubt about it. However during this coffee session, we got to appreciate other drinks that the brand has. Their Iced Latte is pretty good too. We also found their Red Velvet Latte to be soothing and relaxing. It’s like happiness in a cup.

“We have always been known for our fresh sandwiches and baked goods and of course, our great coffee,” said Stephanie Guerrero marketing director of Tim Hortons® Philippines.

“For this month, we want to highlight the attention we give to and the expertise that come with every cup of coffee Tim Hortons® serves,” Guerrero said.

“Our coffee lineup will be the perfect companion to give you a boost throughout the day. Tim Hortons® offers quality coffee drinks and brews made just the way you like it,” Guerrero added.

So what’s in Tims Perfect Pairs line up?


The Dark Side of Tims: Red Eye Iced Capp + Triple Chocolate Muffin

The Red Eye Iced Capp is an iced capp with an extra shot of espresso to give you the extra boost you need, especially on those dark hours. Add a Triple Chocolate Muffin with the drink and you have officially entered the yummy dark side of Tims.

So Canadian: Original Blend Coffee + Maple Dip

Tim Hortons’ Original Blend coffee complemented with the sweetness of the Maple Dip donut can make anyone’s day, everyday.

The Travelling Tongue - So Canadian

Nothing Beats Classic: Double Double + Old Fashioned Glazed

You can’t beat the taste of this classic pair. The Double Double and Old Fashioned Glazed always make for a perfectly tasty affair.

Don’t be Latte on my Birthday: Iced Latte and Birthday Cake Timbits

This pair is perfect to perk you up and put a smile on your face. The Iced Latte and Birthday Cake Timbits will definitely lift your spirits.

The Travelling Tongue - Don't be Latte on my Birthday

Feeling Cheesy with my Coffee: Iced Coffee + Grilled Cheese Panini

If you’re really hungry and want something cheesy to go with your coffee, this pair is for you. An Iced Coffee and Grilled Cheese Panini will make your day even brighter (and tummy happier!). You can never go wrong with cheese.

The Travelling Tongue - Feeling Cheesy with my Coffee

Fratte! : Red Velvet Latte + Apple Fritter

It may not seem like it, but the Red Velvet Latte paired with the Apple Fritter makes for a delightful combination. An order of Fratte is always a great idea.

Ciabattalaga for you? : Iced Coffee + Chicken Ciabatta

Iced Coffee and Chicken Ciabatta is just simply yum! The flavorful chicken with the crunch of the Ciabatta crust is best complemented with the smoothness of our signature Iced Coffee. So, Ciabattalaga for you? Yes! Definitely!

We definitely think that the names of these pairings are witty! We absolutely love the mix of words in Fratte! The Ciabattalaga for you? Is a good combination of English and Tagalog which are close to the hearts of Filipinos.

In terms of taste, everything was good but our favorites would be the Fratte, Ciabattalaga for you?, and Feeling Cheesy with my Coffee. We love how simple their Iced Coffee is, but it hits all the right spots. The grilled cheese sandwich was pretty good too! We will definitely order this again!

Thank you Tim Hortons for the fun event!

The Travelling Tongue - Interiors Tim Hortons Glorietta 4

To learn more about the TIM HORTONS® brand, please visit the TIM HORTONS® website at www.timhortons.com. You can also follow them on their social media accounts.

Facebook: https://facebook.com/TimHortonsPH

Twitter: https://twitter.com/timhortonsph

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/timhortonsphl/

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