Time for a Veggie and Beefy Party with Mean Greens

As much as we are meat fans, we also can’t deny that our hearts (and stomachs) yearn for greens. We love a good veggie dish, because let’s face it, they’re delicious, and in life, it is important to have balance. If you aren’t a lover of greens yet, then we will let Mean Greens do the talking for you!

Mean Greens promises bold flavors and fresh greens that are sourced locally! They are called Mean Greens because apparently, they do a mean job making healthy food taste amazing – which honestly has always been the case. At least for us, healthy food has always been delicious.

Wondering what you could enjoy at Mean Greens? All of their dishes, really, but fine, we get it, you want some choices, so just sit down and let us give you three of their products that we have gotten our hands on lately!

Their Spicy Tapa Bowl (Php 265) is a level up version of the classic Tapsilog. But with Mean Greens’ version, you will be able to dig into a hearty bowl of tender US beef marinated in a deep blend of sauces and spices with just the right kick! Alongside that tasty beef, it also includes cherry tomato confit,  soft-boiled egg, and a refreshing tangy ensaladang pipino with a bed of brown rice underneath.

Following that is another beefy treat – their Tenderloin Bulgogi Bowl (Php 279)! This one is of juicy tenderloin in a sweet soy and garlic mix, together with rolled egg, kimchi, spinach-sesame slaw, a light sauce, and brown rice too! If you are down for some Korean flavors, then this Mean Greens bowl is for you!

Last, but definitely not the least is their Gochu Beef Salad (Php 170) – yes, we did have a beefy feast with Mean Greens! This one is a loaded serving of grilled seasoned beef, carrots, jicama, edamame, cherry tomatoes, and a sprinkle of nori, all laid down on a crunchy bed of fresh lettuce! Thanks to its gochu-sesame dressing, this salad is a scrumptious creamy promise with a soft punch.

Mean Greens really know what they are talking about when they say they do a mean job in providing healthy and delicious dishes! Check out more of the mean food they have up for grabs on their Facebook and Instagram Pages. For a more convenient ordering process, you could also visit them here!

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