Time for you to “meat” Prime Livestock, your source of meat and more!

We get it, okay? We know you are a meat fan, we are too, so we get it. It must have been tough trying to snatch the freshest, the best meat choices lately since you are all cooped up with your responsibilities, but now, you don’t really have to worry that much, because Prime Livestock has all your meat needs covered.

Prime Livestock is all about providing premium quality meat products that would bring so much more to the table. With them, you don’t only get what you want, but also you get what you need. Premium Livestock has a variance of meat options for you to take home. They have steaks, samgyeopsal, sausages, and even tapa — name it and they most probably have it.

Lately, we found ourselves in need of replenishing our meat stocks, so we didn’t waste any time and just went onto Prime Livestock to see what they have on stock. As we wanted to treat ourselves like we used to, but a little more indulgent this time, we went onto their steak selection and got ourselves a classic — Ribeye.

Here’s what even more impressive with Prime Livestock, they don’t have just one kind of Ribeye, they have a ton of it. They have New Zealand Ribeye (Php 950 per kg), Brazilian Ribeye (Php 750 per kg), Butter-aged Brazilian Ribeye (Php 1400 per kg), USDA Prime Angus Ribeye (820 per 400g), and USDA Choice Angus Ribeye (1800 per kg). What did we tell you? It’s raining Ribeyes, huh?

Aside from Ribeye, we also found ourselves reaching for their Ramen. Yes, Prime Livestock indeed has a ramen line too and they call it Prime Frozen Ramen. From this, you will be able to slurp on Tonkotsu, Tantanmen, and Miso. These authentic Japanese ramen choices are such a steal for only Php 290 per pack! You can even top it off with some Frozen Gyoza which is available for Php 240 for 12 pieces.

As we have mentioned, Prime Livestock has a ton of products up for grabs and that includes some fresh catches from the sea from time to time such as Salmon, so you better be on the look out for that! Make sure to visit their Facebook, Instagram, and Website for more details.

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