Time stops at Tempus Dining

There is no denying that timing is essential, and we believe that our timing was perfect when we dropped by at the latest dining destination in the Metro. Tempus Dining is a gorgeous restaurant at the heart of Mandaluyong and they are ready to take your breath away. 

Tempus actually means time, season, or moment; and so at Tempus Dining, they aim to stop time by indulging you with their splendid creations that will then be one of your most cherished moments with your loved ones. At Tempus, they cook with only the freshest ingredients which are in season and serve them as luscious dishes you would instantly fall head over heels in love with. 

Chilean Mussels

That said, let’s not waste your time and let us walk you through some of Tempus Dining’s must-try dishes, starting with their appetizers. Their Tuna Nicoise Salad (Php 480) which is a generous plate of organic greens, seared yellowfin tuna, egg, kalamata olives, and tomato petals; their Chicken Liver Pate (Php 420) which is a serving of crisp crostini and oh-so-delicious port wine jelly; as well as their Chilean Mussels (Php 730) which is a hearty bowl of fresh mussels with butter, garlic, parsley, and bread will have you hooked in a snap, but don’t you worry because this tasty journey has just begun! 

Jamon Pizza

If you want another homey dish to dig into, Tempus Dining’s Forrest Mushroom Soup (Php 360) is a perfect choice! This is a bowl of rich and flavorful soup with field mushrooms, cream, thyme, and truffle oil. However, if you want something more of an easy eat, we suggest going for their Quesadilla (Php 355) which is loaded with grilled chicken, caponata, and fontina cheese; or their Jamon Pizza (Php 735) which is delectably topped with blue cheese, parmesan, and mozarella. Yummy! 

Looking for something that is more of a munch-a-thon? Look no further because Tempus Dining has Crumbled Chicken Breast (Php 395) and it’s everything you want! Strips of chicken breast that are deep fried until they are crispy and golden brown, plus potato and kamote fries on the side? This is really it! 

Pressed Pork Belly

After having a few finger food, you might want to go for something heavier at Tempus Dining. With that, make sure to check out their Mains selection because we are sure you are going to find something you are either craving for or will be drooling over such as their Callos (Php 550) which is a tasty plate of slow-cooked ox tripe, chickpeas, spicy chorizo, alongside jasmine rice; and their Pressed Pork Belly (Php 910) which comes with white bean puree, spinach and brandy prunes. Downright appetizing, indeed! 

Filet Mignon
Filet Mignon
Daube of Beef

Of course, Tempus Dining also has mouthwatering meat-starred dishes that you should not miss out on! We recommend their Filet Mignon (Php 1850) which is a sumptuous plate of grain fed beef tenderloin wrapped in bacon, bone marrow, and pomme puree; as well as their Daube of Beef (Php 1355) which is an exquisite serving of slow-cooked beef cheek, sweet potato mash, and water spinach. These two are absolutely tender and enticing delicacies that would exceed your expectations! 

Tempus Dining is not just big on food, though, because they got some theatrics too! If you want some drama on your table, their Snapper Pie will not fail you. This is an aromatic dish that is made with king snapper, truffle sauce soubise, roasted tomatoes, green pea puree, and puff pastry crust. Curtains for this amazing show will he drawn tableside and all that is left for you to do is drool and enjoy. 

Certainly, Tempus Dining is the place to be when you want to delight in modern cuisine. Chef Robert Davis, together with the passionate and dedicated team of Tempus, continue to stay on top when it comes to providing their diners timeless and unforgettable creations. Know how you can start and end your day with Tempus Dining here. You can also visit their Facebook and Instagram for more information.

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