Time To Have Project Kitchen Again!

You guys know that we go for seconds when the food is good — and that is what happened to us when we got a taste of a few dishes by Project Kitchen. If you want to check out our first experience with Project Kitchen, you can click here; but if you have already seen that and want to know more about what went on on our second round with them, then you are in the right place at the right time.

Project Kitchen, if you haven’t heard of them, is a passion project about rediscovering their love for cooking. Their family has treasured recipes and cooking those and experimenting in the kitchen has what kept them sane when everything and everyone went into lockdown. That, their love for food, and the push to have another source of income were their reason to keep Project Kitchen going.

The dishes that Project Kitchen are offering are from their family’s recipe book because they want more people to have a taste of what brought them warmth, tenderness, and fullness both in good and tough times. These dishes are what they call comfort food on demand, and we can’t really say otherwise, because it sure brought us comfort on both times we had Project Kitchen.

Their Baby Back Ribs (Half Slab 500g Php 650 | Full Slab 1kg Php 1150) is cooked for 4 hours, so you surely will be getting a tender bite, plus this comes with corn and their signature sauce. This has always been present during celebration-worthy moments in their family.

Another meaty and saucy dish by Project Kitchen is their Baked Penne Rigate (Small 2 to 3 pax Php 550 | Medium 6 to 8 pax Php 1250 | Large 10 to 12 pax Php 1850) that is of 100% beef, 3-cheese bechamel, mozarella cheese topping. This is also said to be their family’s favorite meat sauce!

Meanwhile, their Aburi Chashu Rice (Small 2 pax Php 600 | Medium 4 to 5 pax Php 1300 | Large 7 to 8 pax Php 1900) is a serving of torched pork belly chashu, aji tamago, negi-goma sauce, soybean mayashi salad, and Japanese rice. This dish is a result of one of their delicious experiments in the kitchen that became a hit in their household; so like the dishes that came from the family recipe, they decided to share it through Project Kitchen too.

Aside from savories, though, Project Kitchen can definitely fill your huge sweet tooth as well. Their Stella’s Fudge Bars (8 pieces 8×4 inches Php 400 | 16 pieces 8×8 inches Php 700) is just one of your many sweet choices. Dubbed as an addicting treat that they could wolf down as a family, these bars are actually of rolled oats, walnuts, and Belgian dark chocolate fudge.

Following that with another chocolatey goodie, their Lala’s Chocolate Cake (8″ round cakre Php 1100 | 8″ loaf cake Php 450) is actually what gave them the idea to turn Project Kitchen into a business. This is a soft and delectable surprise that has a custard filling, some roasted almonds for crunch, and dark chocolate ganache.

Putting a strawberry twist on Lala’s Chocolate Cake, Pia’s Strawberry Cheesecake (8″ round cake Php 1450 | 8″ loaf cakr Php 550) came about! This is oozing with oh-so-delicious strawberry compote that is homemade and fresh strawberries. Truly yum in every mouthful!

This round with Project Kitchen undeniably has more dishes than our first — and that is because we wanted to try some of their new dishes alongside our faves from them. Indeed we had a great time on both rounds and we won’t even deny that we might go for another in the future!

Know more about Project Kitchen and the dishes they are offering by visiting their Facebook and Instagram Pages. To order, you can send them a message on their Socials, reach them at 09672011605 on Viber, or just click here.

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