Time to Wine and Dine in Epicurious, Now Open in the Heart of Quezon City!

It was 5 days before Christmas and I couldn’t think of any perfect way to kick start the festivities than by opening the second branch of Epicurious in Eastwood Mall, Libis, Quezon City! It was a night of pure joy and fun and learning, and we are absolutely thrilled for the Cravings Group for this newest addition in their family of restaurants.

Epicurious is a full service casual dining concept mainly focused on live stations, as it also holds as a venue for culinary education.

Facade of Epicurious Eastwood

They offer extension programs from well-acclaimed Culinary Center of the Philippines (CCA), a number of which are perfect for the layman or foodie exploring to gain more knowledge and skills on preparing food and other related services. The unique restaurant concept also serves as a “Delicatessen” where you can simply purchase artisan food, or buy them to be cooked and enjoyed in the outlet.

Assorted cheeses on a platterUpon arrival, what immediately captivates you is the look of the store. Very modern and chic with the food stations and open kitchens, but exudes rustic hues from their wall designs, the deli shop is definitely an eye catcher along the third floor hall. When you enter, you see the chillers full of cured meats and every kind of cheese you can think of just calling out to you, and you just want to create your own platter already and just devour it right there and then, downing along a bottle of wine. Yum!

Their launch was very well organized, starting with an invocation and then followed by the “Bread Cutting Ceremony”. It was so adorable because since their main product involves food, including making their own breads, their ribbon cutting ceremony was replaced by their quirky idea of cutting a baguette instead. A number from the Guerrero clan stood side by side and broke the bread and this officially started the celebration.

We were then treated to a short but sweet masterclass from some of CCA’s top chefs. It was basically a preview of some of their programs being done in the school. After the cooking class, we were able to take with us some simple yet festive recipes that can easily be made at home.

At this point, the buffet was opened for us. Their food is very flavorful and rich, and the best part was that each item is prepared fresh in-house. When you’re in the restaurant, getting a whiff of their kitchen is just entrancing. And of course, being an arm of CCA, we expected no less than excellent quality food, and I must say they did not disappoint.

While the guests are getting their fill, the event continued, this time with a game. They asked three volunteers to guess which sausage is which. It was actually fun to watch, and makes you realize that indeed, knowing your sausage is quite important, especially when creating your own recipes.


We particularly loved the S’mores which we munched on for hours. No wonder they really highlighted this in the store as indeed, it is worth trying. They sell these in jars in the store, and they’re nicely packaged that it can very well be your last minute gifts to your friends. We were also able to try a number of their cakes, one of which is their popular “Rainbow Cake” and their signature chocolate cake. Both pretty to picture, each of them is very tasty and festive as well.



While enjoying our meal, we were given a preview to wine tasting and we even tried a couple of glasses from their choice wines. Their experienced sommelier gave a very lively class and it made the night all the more exciting.

Just when we thought the affair was over, they kept the guests in their seats as we were serenaded with beautiful acoustic music. It was the perfect way to sendoff their audiences.

Epicurious in Eastwood Mall is now open and is definitely your next chill or date place for good food and carefully selected wines. Their curated deli items are always made fresh, and available at affordable prices. They also deliver, so this is another option for food-to-go for you. Visit their newest branch today!

Official Website: http://cravingsgroup.com/brands/epicurious/
Facebook: Epicurious
Instagram: Epicurious


Address: 3rd Floor, Eastwood Mall, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City, 1110 Metro Manila

Contact Number: (0995) 046 4226

Hours of Operation: 

Sun 10:00 am -10:00 pm
Mon-Thu 11:00am – 10:00 pm
Fri-Sat 11:00am- 11:00pm

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